Analysis: Exceptional Leadership Style Of Bashorun Askia Ogieh

By Alex Ovie


“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more and grow more, you are a leader” – John Quincy Adams (1787 – 1848).

That evergreen quote made over 150 years ago by John Quincy Adams, celebrated statesman and diplomat who served as the Sixth President of the United States of America from 1825 to 1829 aptly describes the disposition to leadership over the years of Bashorun Askia Ogieh. From the womb of time, Bashorun Askia Ogieh (JP), Udu of Isokoland and the Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of DESOPADEC has emerged as an extra-ordinary leader with a blend of courage, integrity and compassion. His exceptional leadership style has brought with it unprecedented wellbeing to oil bearing communities in Delta State as well as the corporate image of DESOPADEC.

Through selfless service to the masses, the ebullient politician and renowned philanthropist has become the “Man of the People”. Over the years, Askia Ogieh has steadily increased in estimation and influence not only among his people of Isoko nation, but equally across the state.

A leader whose pre-occupation is the upliftment of the people, a leader that feels what the ordinary people feel, a leader that sleeps and rises everyday with deep thoughts of what next step to take to better the lots of his people, a leader that rejoices when the people rejoice and mourns along with any citizen within his locality, a leader that helps his followers to grow and excel, a leader who is a hope giver and fulfiller of dreams, that is Bashorun Askia. Indeed, he is a leader who has made growth and development a beautiful reality for us all.


As Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of DESOPADEC, he parades a scorecard which underscores how a focused and principled leader can cause a positive turnaround in his sphere of influence.
We can only wish him more wisdom, good health and strong will to do more.

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