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History does not forgive a leader for a wrong decision or misrule. It is simply wrong decisions that lead to abuse of power. These persons (leaders), their short political career is to make one think soberly, unhappily, weep and to frustrate the poor, particularly those who against all odds, sacrificed their precious time in the blazing heat of the sun to elect them.

History cannot forget in hurry leaders who affected those who elected them negatively. Every human being is born with different kinds of temperamental and intellectual capacity. One does not expect everybody to be fair and transparent in one’s daily dealings; everybody must not be gentle, some must be bad, evil, mad and stupid in order to keep the society moving.

The Holy Book is very emphatic “Wisdom is too much for the fools”. Nigeria leaders should seek God’s divine intervention to enable them rule the way it ought to have been. The grandfather of wisdom in the Holy Book, King Solomon, being a very young king felt he cannot rule the people without God’s directives, Solomon sought the face of God and God asked him: “What do you want me to do for you?”

Solomon didn’t seek wealth, authority nor building. Instead he sought wisdom, knowledge and understanding. And because Solomon did not seek exotic mansions even when he had been asked by the Master, God blessed him with all the fortunes of life. I am sure Nigeria pretending Christian politicians cannot easily forget this sincere analysis in a hurry.

In life, anything one does has a reward. One does not plant cassava and be expecting to reap yam. Whatsoever a man sows, shall he reap. Life is indeed a law of karma, tooth for tooth, eye for an eye. You cannot sit at home doing nothing and be expecting salary at the end of the month. No, it is an error. Evil that men do no longer live with them but live after them. Remember that no man is a monopoly of violence, claiming violence upon himself. We learn everyday; we need one another, be he rich or the poor.

But in a ludicrous society where people see themselves as demi-gods, bathe in evil, kill just to get into power, embezzle dry the public purse, believing that they are the alpha and omega, misrule, oppress the common man because they are lucky to have been bestowed with power, rule by force to put the people into indigent poverty, there is bound to be abused of power. This column, is certainly not to laugh at anyone. Indeed, it is written with a passion to reminding Nigerians that elections are around the corner and as such, they should avoid ‘had I known, a brother of Mr too late.’

Let’s now look at some ungodly political leaders who prayed for political power but when they had it, they ensured that those who elected them suffered the mistake of yesterday- a fortune lost in sorry, disappointment and misery. They include:

1. FIELD MARSHALL IDI AMIN DADA of Uganda ruled his people badly, took the lives of so many people unjustly and a complete disregard to the laws of his land. History holds a record of him of being an enemy to his own people. He was known to have impregnated so many teenagers during his tyrannical rule. He was eventually banished while in power, he died on exile.

2. JEAN BEDEL BAKASSA is another tyrant who was forced out of power, a former captain in the then Central African Republic. He seized power in 1966. In 1977, he declared himself “emperor”. From then on, he became a “god”. He was pushed out of power in a coup-detal. He got a death sentence. History remembers him as an enemy of progress and anti good will of his nation’s happiness.

3. GEN. SANI ABACHA is a Nigerian dictator. The style of Abacha’s rulership is unpredictable in the annals of Nigeria’s history. In the history of money looting into foreign account Abacha is a legend. Abacha started badly and ended badly, ruled and ended sadly in his political build-up. On 8th of June, 1998, Abacha died mysteriously in Aso Rock, the presidential villa, Abuja. Today, history remembers this military junta for his high-handed approach to innocent victims. He committed Olusegun Obasanjo to prison and also nailed his friend, Yar’ Adua to the cross of Nigeria prison.

His aim was to make Nigeria his personal property. He established agents to brand all the goods and commodities with his name. He, however, ended his life mysteriously, as no single individual can be greater than the entire nation, not to talk of go above the instructions of the almighty God.

4. AGUTOS PINOCHET of Chile came under fire for his wickedness and misrule. He died in a fatal accident.

5. MOBUTU SESE SEKO who died at the age of 66 years shortly after he was humiliated out of power for his misdeed and misrule by a rabel, kabila. He died in exile and the citizens of his country disallowed him a state funeral. He was eventually buried in morocco.

6. FIDINARD MARCUS of Philippines is remembered for his wickedness, misrule, greediness, and a complete disregard to the laws of his land. He died on exile of heart attack. Sure, his heart could not contain all the loads of evil he has committed against his people. It bursts him up and he died.

7. SAMUEL DOE OF LIBERIA is a Master Sergeant who declared himself a commander general immediately he seized power. He lived and treated the people as a tyrant and having fell into the hands of his enemenemies, he was promptly using knife to slice himself into pieces like mince for meals.

8. ADOLF HITLER of Germany ruled like a dictator and saw no equal to him in the world but history remembers him that he was an evil leader and he too, died by committing suicide.

9. SADDAN HUSSEIN of Iraq ruled badly, took power to be his personal business. In fact, he is the worst leader to have emerged in his country. He was sentenced to death by hanging on 30th December, 2006.

10. MUMMAR GADDAFI was a Libya leader who ran power like a family affair for the dozen years he seized power. He was in power for 41 years, left innocent people to languish in jail, took the lives of so many unjustly. He caused a war that took thousands of lives. He dragged the UNO and other international forces into a systematic war.

Humiliation traded Gadaffi and his family. In pride, he had earlier declared himself as “king of kings.” He was caught by the cross fire of the opposition forces where he and his son were shamefully executed.

CONCLUSION: So shall it be with those Nigeria leaders who had failed politically. Peace eludes them.

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