The APC Wave Is Not A Threat To SDP-Hon. Onajega David Okumagba


Hon. Onajega David Okumagba, is from Ozoro, the political science graduate was Councillor twice, Deputy House leader Isoko North legislative House. An astute business man, devote Christian and he is married with children in this interview with Omamuzo Efidhere, Hon. Onajega David Okumagba reel out plans to bring Isoko North from the brink.


Can We Meet You?
My name is Honourable Onajega David Okumagba I am from Isoko North Contesting House of Assembly Isoko North Constituency.


Saturday Is Close By How Prepared And Ready Are You To Win This Elections?

The people are out there and they love me and I love them. I have served twice, 2008 and 2014 in the local government as a councilor and I rose to deputy leader. I am a grass root politician, I have made a lot of friends so the people are ready to vote me in.

How Prepared Is SDP For This Election Because The APC Wave Just Like The Labour Party Wave During The Presidential Election Is Out To Sweep All The Positions On The 18th?

The APC wave is not a threat to SDP because SDP is on ground if you go to the four corners of Isoko nation, not Isoko North perse you will see SDP and the symbol well represented.  Everywhere that you go both the old, the young even those who don’t have right to vote are aware that SDP is the party that will win the elections come the 18th of March, 2023.


PDP A Is Not Out To Lose Any Seat In The State House Of Assembly Elections, How Prepared Is SDP?

Politics is not a do or die affair and positions are given that is why the people hold the office holder responsible because they are investing the mandate on you. We are going to the polls the PVC owned by the electorate will determine the person that wins it is not going to be by a do or die affair or fighting. We have done our mosquito campaigns and we are still on and by the grace of God I know that we are going to win.


What If There Are Manipulations Or Discrepancies?

Through our agents we will disagree to any manipulations we are young to observe and follow in details to the electoral acts to ensure that there is no manipulations through the units. What the electoral acts stipulates and states is what we are going to carry out to the later. Our agents are there, they are going to work, we have sensitize them according to the law and they are going to be very observant and vigilant for any kind of manipulations and we are going to resist that to the later and we know that the security agents are there to aid us to ensure that there is no problem as the elections go on.

Why Are You Running, And Why Should The People Vote For You?

I am running because I am qualified, the people love me that is why I was called from my home to contest. I am the man of the people and the people actually accepted me and I cannot reject such an offer. Now I told you earlier that I contested twice as a councilor and I was there and I left the council as a deputy leader of the legislative arm Isoko North to that reason the people love me and I am a man of the people and the people are for me. They will vote for me because they know that I am going to give them qualitative representation when I go to the state House of Assembly.

Message To The Deciders Of The New Nigeria-The Youths?

The popular saying that youths are the leaders of today has become a scam. We have waited for our leaders to pass over the barton of leadership to our generation but to no avail. Now we have to rise and take over what belongs to us. We have to rise to change the tone of governance that has only benefited the leader, his immediate family and his pathetic cronies. We have suffered for too long. We have kept quiet for too long. We have tolerated their excesses for too long. Now is the time for us to get freed. Now is the time for us to take over power and brothers and sisters we have the numbers.

We may not have the money they have stolen,  we may not have the connections they claim to have, we may not have the heart to keep people perpetually poor but we have the majority of the people, we have you the youths who can change the narratives.
Great youths of our land, let nobody deceive you that votes would not count.  The law has been signed that votes will be electronically transferred and if you wait after voting and ensure it is transferred nobody can change the results.

The only reason l am contesting for the DTHA is to impact the lives of our people positively. If elected, l shall collaborate with bodies in Canada, USA and UK to set up companies in lsoko land that will engage at least 2,000 workers. These companies will train both skilled and unskilled employees for transfer of technology so one day we can manage these companies ourselves.
Posterity will not forgive those who keeps quiet or mute in times of great crises. We all must rise and be counted!
Power is not given, it has to be taken.


We Have Seen So many Candidates Who Went Back On Their Election Campaign Promises, How Are You Different?

My desire is to contribute my quota to the development of our fatherland. By representing Isoko North Constituency at the Delta State House of Assembly i will be able to do that well. I am not here to parade a retinue of degrees neither am l here to flout any level of intelligence but l am here because l  was called by God to rescue his people from the land where there is no water to a land flowing with milk and honey. I am called to stop the suffering of the masses in the midst of plenty. I am called to stop the recycling of the same cabal that has held us hostage for over two decades and l ask for your support and prayers to make this dream come through.
My mission is, I will propose bills that bring succour to the aged, women and youths. I will galvanize support to make education free up to secondary school level. I will join forces with other elected officials across party lines to ensure lsoko have a gas turbine like other oil communities in Bayelsa and Rivers. Youth and Women empowerment will be done through providing seed money for investment after proper training in their area of  interest. Constituency projects will be executed religiously and will be in partnership with people of goodwill in our communities. I will organize town hall meetings every 100 days to give updates on my activities in the house and also to plan, project and execute the collective desires of my constituents.
I will have a functional Constituency office with a fixed time and date to listen to the yearnings of the people l represent. Everybody will be welcome irrespective of status or station. Finally, l have no power of my own to do all l have stated but l will be counting on your prayers, votes and God’s mercy to bring my thoughts to bear.

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