SDP Has Not  Been Sold To Anyone Those Carrying Such Rumours Are Small Minded Men Who Believe In Gossip


Ambassador Hon. Oke Idawene is chairman of the Social Democratic Party (SDP) in Delta State.
In this interview with Omamuzo Efidhere, The Chairman who doubles as the Chairman, Forum of SDP State Chairmen in the country took time out to refute the rumours making the round days to elections that the party has been sold and millions pocketed by him.

Can We Meet You?

My name is Ambassador Oke Idawene, by the grace of God, I am the Chairman of the Social Democratic Party (SDP) in Delta State and I am the leader of SDP chairmen in Nigeria.

Elections Are Around The Corner, The Information Going Round Is That You Have Sold The Party To The State Governor For Millions Of Naira Without Letting The Party Members Know. What Is The Position Of SDP In The Forthcoming Elections?

The question you are asking is Laughable because you are right here with me in Oleh and you just witnessed an enlarged meeting of SDP stalwarts strategizing on how to win elections come Saturday the 18th of March 2023 for House of Assembly. You saw the crowd here if we have sold the party  why hold meeting for SDP House of Assembly Candidates, why did we hold Isoko to ransom for three days during the House of Representatives elections before we were robbed of our victory which we will claim in court. SDP has not been sold to anyone, I am the SDP State Chairman, SDP body soul and spirit. Those carrying such rumours are small minded men who believe in gossip, who take gossip as their hobby or as their paid job. SDP is SDP and we are moving on with the elections for only those candidates that are ready for elections I repeat only those candidates that respect the party structure that we are going to work for come Saturday 18th so the party has not been sold to anybody we are SDP those that are running for elections in SDP and other parties should face reality, go to your campaigns, issue based campaigns to convince the voters of what you want to do for them and work in that direction accordingly. Stop the evil gossip against people it will not pay you and that is my take and my stand. There is life after politics we must be scared of posterity.


SDP For The First Time Came Third In The Just Concluded House Of Representative Election How Was This Possible?

We did not come third in the House of Representative elections. We did well it is not concluded but we were robbed in broad day light and we are heading to the courts to reclaim our mandate so I will not tell you that we came third we won the elections but we were robbed. For the House of Assembly elections we will win we are being supported by Grace Mission and today I just declared interest, I joined Grace Mission officially so we are working with Grace Mission as a party to deliver our candidate come on the 18th.


Why Should The Electorate Vote For SDP House Of Assembly Candidates?

They should vote for SDP House of Assembly candidates because we have credible candidates. We are proudly selling them to the electorates because we know that they will do well. Also because we have an illustrious son in the person of  Chief Engr. Daniel Omoyibo(Damotech) who is supporting SDP at this level to this end if the people  believe in the man’s charity work, in SDP Ideology and in Grace Mission Movement they should vote for SDP come Saturday we will deliver Isoko as a whole. We move.

What Is Your Word To The Agents Who Go To Their Place Of Assignment Sell Out And Betray Their Party Because Of Money?

Anybody that sells his brother or his sister the buyer will be scared of you tomorrow. So my advice is do your job as poll watchers for SDP and do your best to ensure that we come out victorious. Disregard every act of betrayer when it comes to on the 18th of March. Together we shall rescue Isoko. SDP Progress Remain blessed.

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