Fake firefox and adobe flash player update brings bad rabbit malware

Internet users are facing more and more dangers nowadays due to hackers spreading malware all over the web. This week a new kind of malware, Bad Rabbit, has been liberated into the virtual world. PC users are tricked into believing they are downloading update for Adobe Flash Player but in reality they are getting their computer infected by a ransomware program. When installed, the ransomware takes control of the user’s personal files: documents, spreadsheets, presentations, photos and more. Those who want to recover their personal files have to pay in Bitcoins almost 293$.

Bad Rabbit ransomware takes over the web

The new malware takes over the user’s PC by blocking what is most important: personal files. If the user does not pay, then the hackers might never give the user access to the files ever again.

Some police and security institutions such as the FBI experts believe that users should not negotiate with the hackers and they should not pay the ransom, because it is not a guarantee they will gain back access to their personal files. Other experts believe the users should pay the ransom and spread the word that the hackers have realized that it is bad not to deliver the personal files back to the owner.

Learn to protect yourself against the Bad Rabbit

Because this malware spreads by tricking the user into believing he/she is downloading an Adobe Flash Player update, it is important to only use the official website for these kinds of operations. Another good advice is to always back up your files. This way, even if you are blackmailed by hackers, you do not feel pressured to pay back the ransom.

Flash Player updates are never available on random websites and if adobe.com is not part of the address bar, then it should never be installed.

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