2023: UDU PDP Leaders Deny Aspirant Endorsement Deal

By Enoch Oluku


Former Vice Chairman of Udu Local Government Council, Hon Justice Iyasere has clarified what transpired happened on Saturday at a meeting of the Udu PDP Elders and Leaders Forum with some delegates, stressing that the meeting was called to brief the delegates on what to do at the primary ground and that no motion for endorsement was moved and that no directive was given for anybody to be voted at the meeting.

In a statement on Monday titled: ‘Re: Foremost Leader In Udu, Ono-Sorhue, Delegates Endorse Awhinawhi For Reps, Hon Iyasere, who is Director of Operations of the Samuel Mariere Campaigns Organization, explained that the rumour making the round on social media that Hon Solomon Awhinawhi was endorsed at the meeting arose from the figment of imagination of the author as the statement was a huge embarrassment to the delegates and members of the Elders and Leaders Forum.


Iyasere in the statement said, ‘’Our attention has been drawn to a report in the social media to the effect that the foremost Leader of the PDP in Udu LGA, Chief Eddie Ono-Sorhue, delegates and elders of the party in Udu have endorsed Chief Solomon Awhinawhi for House of Representatives for the Ughelli North, Ughelli South and Udu Federal Constituency ahead of the primary election scheduled for Friday May 20, 2022.

‘’Let me clear this erroneous impression from the onset because nothing can be further from the truth. The PDP Elders and Leaders Council in Udu LGA under the leadership of Chief Eddie Ono-Sorhue is committed to democratic processes in the choice of candidates for election and the direction to go in all elections.

According to an online publication, Wado City Reporters, “Chief Sorhue is not known for unilateral decisions and the truth, in fact the whole truth and nothing but the truth is that nobody has been endorsed for House of Representatives by Udu leaders and delegates.

‘’Yours sincerely was there at the said meeting which held on Saturday May 14, 2022 at Chief Sorhue house, Ogodogun, Ovwian. Most of the delegates invited for the meeting got the information between 3pm and the 4pm that the meeting commenced.

“In fact, the meeting was called specifically for the House of Assembly primaries scheduled for Wednesday April 18, 2022. While the meeting was on, Chief Solomon Awhinawhi came to see Chief Eddie Ono-Sorhue and was asked to wait while we went on with the meeting.

“Sensing that delegates from few wards (Wards 1,2,3 and 8) in Udu were having a meeting with the party Leader, Awhinawhi decided to wedge Kola for them. That was all.

‘’The leaders assured that a directive would come on the way to go before the primaries but nobody was endorsed. The only House of Assembly aspirant who was in the meeting, Chief Donald Brosu, has not breath a word of endorsement to anybody since after the meeting. One wonders therefore where Solomon Awhinawhi got the endorsement arrangement from.

“Take this to the ban, nobody was endorsed by Udu Leaders and Elders before the delegates left. I am a member of the body and no such decision has been taken.

‘’Those chopping for endorsement can go ahead to buy newspaper pages, airspace in broadcast media or flood the social media with imaginary endorsement messages. The real endorsement and coronation will take place on Friday during the primary election when the delegates shall file out to vote for their preferred candidate.


“The delegates are human beings, who can reason and take informed decisions based on their perception of the aspirants. Our team has tremendous respect and regards for Chief Eddie Ono-Sorhue and the other leaders. Udu leaders know the best material for the job at hand.


They will take the final decision in the field on Friday.


‘’We of the SAMMY SAMACO team members are not in the business of chopping for endorsement about town. We crave the endorsement of the delegates and that is what count.


“Therefore, we wish to passionately appeal to the delegates to ignore the purported endorsement as nothing like that happened. Many of the delegates who attended the meeting have expressed shock and are seriously embarrassed by the report.


‘’This writer has nothing against the aspiration of Chief Solomon Awhinawhi. It is his right to so do. But he should advise his team members to stop peddling unfounded rumours that will not help him in the long run.


“We have kept our gunpowder dry throughout the campaign period and we hope to sustain this ethical political conduct into the general elections. Nothing should be done to truncate the existing political harmony in the land.


Nobody Has Been Endorsed And Awhinawhin Knows This Fact’’, the statement added.


News Source from -Wado City Reporters except Headline Cast

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