Omote Laments Archbishop Apena’s Demise

Prince Omote Emmanuel has lamented the sudden demise of God’s general, the Archbishop of Bethesda Gospel Mission, Int’l, Inc, Most Rev. Christian Aggrey Owoma Apena at the early hours of Monday October 10, 2022.


Lamenting the death of his spiritual father, Omote in a shock mode said, I have my father in the lord whose mentorship and spiritual guidance, tutelage i will missed greatly.


“He wedded us during our marriage some years ago and he took us as his children, and ever since then, we have part and members of his family


“In June 2019, he dedicated our house in warri and presided over our baby dedication at Okpaka in Udu.”


“Words cannot described his lost to me and my immediate family but i am glad that he work for God in his entire life and he has finished his race on earth.


“He has fight a good fight of faith and completed his earthly race and mission, his rapture has taken place and it is my utmost belief that he is among the saints sitting at the right hand of God.


“But as human, it saddens my heart that he has left as at the time he spiritual experience and maturity is needed, while we are in sorrow over his death, heaven our eternal hope is rejoicing as he joins the saints.”

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