Police Presence In Ughelli North Has Reduced Kidnapping Drastically – CP Abaniwonda

DELTA state Commissioner of Police, Mr Abaniwonda Olufemi, has revealed that the massive deployment and presence of police at checkpoints has reduced kidnapping activities in Ughelli and its environs.
He made this revelation during a familiarization visit to the Ughelli Area Command in Ughelli North Local Government Area.
According to CP Abaniwonda, “There has been a number of issues here, at a stage within the last two months or thereabout, and i have to send a special team to come and coexist here because almost everyday, people are being kidnapped.
“And it is this security challenges that has necessitated this deployment, in our work, there is what we called black spot and this back spot are known criminals points.
“If today somebody is kidnap here, tomorrow another person is passing and is kidnapped there , the next day same thing, if something is not done, you will insult us.
“Because of these challenges, we have to dominate that environment and if you check your records, in the last one and half two months, there is drastic reduction in the cases of kidnapping in the Ughelli axis.
I am not saying it is not happening,but there is a drastic reduction because of this specialized deployment
We are also aware that some of our men act unprofessionally and we will not dispute that but when you find this in your communities, don’t take the laws into your own hands because there are channels of complain at the command that has also been domesticated at the command level, 24/7.
“When a police man is found misbehaving, call us because we  understand the need to curb the  excesses of our men. Please you bear with us, we will do a review.
“When you don’t dominate your environment, you leave a vacuum for criminals to operate and my responsibilities as instructed by the Inspector General of Police is bring down crime to the barest minimum.
“We are not saying we are eradicating crime, because if we eradicate crime, you send us out of business because you no longer need us.”

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