By Emmanuel Agbubi


Member Representing Ughelli North Constituency 1 at the Delta State House of Assembly, Hon. Charles Oniyere, has advised youths of his Constituency, Deltans and Nigeria to generally to eschew get rich quick syndrome.

Speaking on the occasion of World Youth Day with the theme: Youth Engagement For Global Action, described the Nigeria youths as a great asset to nation and a vital element in building a stronger nation

This statement was contained in a Press Release by the head of Oniyere Media Team, Comrade Oghara Moses Akpojotor in Agbarha-Otor, Ughelli North, Delta State in commemoration for this year International Youth Day

According to him, “Get rich quick syndrome is a situation whereby people especially youths try to make it big at all costs.

“This unbridled quest for wealth could be as a result of desire for recognition, poverty, peer pressure, push from parents or religious houses or government’s inability to provide jobs.

“On this back drop, many vices such as internet fraud, rituals, armed robbery, kidnapping, prostitution among others thrive.

“It is a well-known fact that the youth of any country is a great asset. They are indeed the future of the country and represent it at every level. The role of youths in nation-building is more important than you might think. In other words, the intelligence and work of the youth will take the country on the pathway of success. As every citizen is equally responsible, the youth too. They are the building blocks of a country”.

He also lambasted the attitude of some community and religious leaders who arrogate positions and titles on people without asking the source of their wealth.

Saying that, wealth and affluence are today the yardstick for measuring one’s acceptance by the society unlike the days of old when respect for wisdom and hard-working is only recognize.

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