Urhobo Youths Marks 72nd Mukoro Mowoe Memorial Day Celebration


By Emmanuel Agbubi,


The Ukoko r’ Okugbe r’ Ighelle r’ Urhobo (Urhobo Progress Union, UPU, Youth Wing) led by Comrade Nixon Ufouma Duru and his executives marked this year 72nd memorial of late Chief Mukoro Mowoe.

Mowoe is the pioneer President General of the UPU, 1937-1948.

The event which took places both in Warri and Ughelli on the 10 August, 2020 witnesses a cross section of Urhobo youth across the 24 Kingdoms of Urhoboland.

Deacon Victor Mowoe who had on behalf of Mukoro Mowoe for the family in Warri, Delta State lauds the gesture of Urhobo Youths for keeping the memories of their late father, an Urhobo  Patriot alive.

In his key note address, Comrade Nixon Ufuoma Duru extolled the great virtues of Mowoe while alive, emphasised on the lengency he left behind as worthy to emulate by all living mostly by Urhobo youths for the next generation leadership. He described him as a man who uses his personal finance for the Urhobo projects, as selfless great political icon for the Western Warri Province people, a merchant and  architect of Western education to Urhobo Nation who influenced the White Missionaries impacts on Urhoboland.

“Late Chief Mukoro Mowoe was a Kind-hearted man, a real sympathizer, a broken destinies repairer; he relieved many from sorrows and misfortunes and assisted some to achieve fortunes. Urhobo youth will always cherish his memory from age to age because even though he is dead, his good work lives on in our hearts as an inspiration to all Urhobos.

“At this junction, I urge all Urhobo youths here gathered today, if we must build on the legacies of our forefathers, then we must practice the follow

“Firstly, we must love ourselves. With love, we shall know that we are brothers from the same root. In this way, the concern of one shall be the burden of all.

“This will make us see ourselves as a unifying force that has the capacity to bulldoze all hindrances on our ways. With a strong bond of love, unity and togetherness, we shall think good collectively and work together towards realizing it for the betterment of all Urhobos.

“Secondly, we must frequently interact with our elders. Very soon, we will introduce the Urhobo Leadership and Business Round Table, where Urhobo youths and the elders, politicians will share the same table of thought. This kind of forum must be encouraged as it serves as a platform for cross-pollination between the youth and the Urhobo elders and politicians. Meanwhile, it should be noted that such an avenue shall help to reveal certain truths and propel ideas that shall help in easier transition of authority and knowledge. Our elders must not scare us.

“Thirdly, we must retain our core culture and tradition. Yes, the culture of a people is their way of life. People’s cultural heritage is their mark of identity and peculiarity. We must not be an exception in the committee of nations who must show themselves as a brand to the world at large. Our food, our dress, our language and our common values as a people must not be sacrificed for whatever reason. We are a people of common belief system, love, kindness towards men and respect for human dignity.

“To build Urhobo youth towards enjoying a future of excellence, we must be in tune with our culture and tradition for without which, we have no nature or form.

“Fourthly, we must resist strange attacks and undue exploitation in Urhoboland. Yes, people who think they have money or name in Nigeria have stretched too far for encroachment.

“They have threatened too severe intimidation, attacking us with our God’s given land. God gave to us all that we have but some persons feel they can exploit us without a price. We are a people with the vibes, courage and confidence for resistance. We should refuse to be unduly exploited so that we, Urhobo youth would have a sure future”, said by Duru

Deacon Victor Mowoe commended the Urhobo youth who recognized the good works his late father did for Urhobo Nation. He urged all Urhobos to embrace the peace and unity his father lived for so that the Urhobo Nation can speak with one voice to move forward in this nation.

Some flash points of the occasion are; awareness rally from Effurun roundabout to Warri with a stopped over at Urhobo College, Effurun where they were received by the Principal, Mrs Patience Awusi, before proceeding to the Urhobo Cultural Centre Okere-Urhobo, Warri, laying of wreath at his grave side in Warri and moved to Ughelli for the maiden retreat of Achoja Research Council, (ARC) received by Prof. Godini Darah, the Convener

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