2023: UPU’s Edevbie’s Endorsement: Campaign Group Woos Omene, Vows To Mess Up Taiga

By Our Correspondent,
In what seems like a tit-for-tat affair, the high-ranking members of the Governorship campaign team of one of the PDP Urhobo governorship aspirants are allegedly courting Chief Joe Omene, the former, discredited PG of UPU, to undo Olorogun (Dr.) Moses Oghenerume Taiga,  President-General of the Urhobo Progress Union (UPU), Worldwide.
A source alleged that the move is to get Chief Joe Omene into announcing their principal as Urhobo’s preferred candidate for the 2023 ‘General Election’.
According to a top-ranking members of the said Governorship Campaign Team, which includes some top government officials, a prominent community leader and ‘political godfather’ from Ughelli South, have also allegedly promised to help Omene regain legitimacy, legal recognition and control of UPU’s leadership and the National Secretariat when the court rules on April 26, 2022.
The source further alleged that the aforementioned Ughelli South community leader has boasted in many quarters that they will “deal with Moses Taiga by getting the Court ‘to  drive him away.”
Olorogun David Edevbie And Rt Hon Sheriff Oborevwori In A Joyous Mood As Their Supporters Seek Relevance Ahead Of 2023.
It is gathered that the Federal High Court, Warri will deliver judgment on the case between Omene and Taiga in a suit that includes Urhobo traditional rulers and late Dr. P.C Obakponovwe over the UPU leadership on Tuesday, April 26 2023.
 “You would have noticed that  Joe Omene did not abuse Governor Okowa and the PDP as he used to during his recent poorly-produced and poorly-conducted interview with Rero TV.
“You heard him sounding patronizing and even ascribing the power and supremacy to select a successor to the incumbent Governor Okowa, without any meaningful input from the UPU or the Urhobo people.
He even said that the UPU will follow the direction of the Governor in the choice of his successor. This new disposition is a result of the ongoing partnership.
“They have promised Joe Omene that they will back him to the end, and use all means to regain control and push Taiga and his exco out, hence the confidence with which he was speaking in the Rero TV interview,” the source alleged.
The source further alleged that, “The Ughelli South political bigwig has openly boasted to some Chieftains of the Taiga-led National Executive Council of the UPU that a ‘big statement’ will be made on Tuesday, April 26 that will “teach Taiga a lesson for daring the powers that be and our principal. He will hear from us on that day, and we will enforce that statement to the letter.”
“You can see the length that people could go for power. Imagine that this group of people who include top government officials, traditional chiefs and community leaders are not bothered about the sacrilege of fraternizing with a man that has been traditionally ostracized (IMU) by the Kings, PGs of Urhobo Kingdoms and other relevant stakeholders in Urhoboland, just for the quest to acquire political power.
It is a shame. Urhobo ancestors and departed heroes will be turning in their graves at this desperate length they are towing. “

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