2023: Delta Born Strategist, Monye, Declares For President Under ADC

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....Commends Pres Buhari for Signing Electoral Bill
As the race toward the 2023 general elections draw nearer, a Delta born strategist, Mr Chukwuka Monye, has declared his interest to contest for the Nigerian Presidential seat with a vow to redeem the image of the country under the African Democratic Congress, ADC, at the 2023 general elections.
Speaking to journalists in Asaba, Delta state, Monye said, “I have decided to contest for the presidential seat under the ADC because the party is the third force that Nigerians are looking into to liberate the nation from misrule.
He said, “I have always have the passion for building people together with the right the right youth set of management and I believed we can build our nation.
“Nigeria is in a crossroad and with ADC as the party of ideas, party of the youths, men and women, it’s goal is to bring transformation to Nigerians because our party is the third force people are looking for as the alternative.
“And  prior to my announcing my intention to contest for the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, I consulted with several persons, young, old, professionals, Christians, Muslims and people of different ethnics as expected and see their reactions.
“Some people were excited about the prospect of a better Nigeria and others that felt that there is simply no hope for Nigeria felt that my aspirations has sparked something in them that the future of a new Nigeria is now.
“Today marks a significant moment to a better Nigeria as we witnessed the convergence of values and vision, emergence of strength and passion, dynamic combination that is able to deliver to us a new Nigeria of our dreams where everyone, young and old is able to fulfill their potentials.
“I am declaring to contest under ADC as a political party because the goals, values and integrity of the party are same as mine. I choose the party that is passionate about restoring and defending the dignity of every Nigerian.
Monye lauded President Muhammadu Buhari for signing the amended electoral act into law, saying it was a victory for all Nigerians and the beginning of a new era.
According to Monye who was the Director-General of the Delta Economic Summit Group, a non-partisan political group, he was in the race to liberate Nigeria from the economic quagmire it has found itself due to years of bad leadership.
“ADC is a party where ideas rule. There are a lot of people that have come to me to say, we heard that thousands of people are following you, you must have spent a lot of money on them, say N500million, I told them what they are supposed to ask was, what strategy have you used that is making this people to be attracted you?
“You cannot solve problems by just throwing money at it. If throwing money would have solved our problems we would have solved these problems long ago. We need competent leaders, people with ideas, people with intent, people with the capacity, to take Nigeria to the next level.”

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