Uwheru Killings: Waive Roots For Unbiased investigations


..as indigenes narrate their ordeal

Omoghene Benedict, 

Member representing Ughelli North, South and Udu Federal constituency, Rev Francis Ejiroghene Waive has called for a proper and unbiased investigations into what led to the unabated killing and maiming of Agadama, Port -Avworon people of Uwheru community in Ughelli North local government area of the state.

Waive, who was at Agadama to commiserate with the people last Friday said, “I have come to specifically sympathize with families of my people that were killed and injured by these suspected herdsmen.

As soon as I heard, the first thing I did was to contact community leaders, party leaders and government officials, the local government chairman, the commander, 222 battalion of the Nigeria army, the Area commander and all other higher authorities to monitor the situation and ensure that peace is restored as a matter of urgency.

Firstly, we have to find out what happened to know the exact situation and endearing solutions that will ensure that this does not repeat itself because what has happened to the people of Agadama and Avwon is condemnable which calls for unbiased investigations.

There should be proper investigations to unveil whoever that is behind this gruesome attack and be brought to book to face the wrath of the law. Your pain is my pain and I am in touch with the authorities concerned to ensure that you are all protected.

Some of the injured victims of the Killer herdsmen
Mr. Ernest shot on his left tigh by suspected herdsmen in Agadama community



“It is very painful that our people are no longer staying their homes and I come to sympathized with all the people of Uwheru and by the grace of God, this would be the last. I appeal for calm; I appeal for peace so that those who have left the community can come back. I have the assurances of the law agencies that they would not come here to harass anybody anymore.

“I want to specifically sympathized with the specific families that lost their loved ones, I want to specifically sympathized with those who are injured, please take heart, those who are the hospital, we will try to augments their expenses because they are our people and we cannot leave them alone.

Our distinguish Senator, Ovie Omo-Agege is also meeting with other leaders at the national level as we are strategizing on what we can do for our people in Uwheru to ensure that nobody touches you anymore and this thing does not happen again.

Narrating their ordeal, the people of Agadama described the recent attack on them by Fulani herdsmen as the worst hit in recent times.

The chairman of Agadama community, Mr. Sunday Iniovogoma in his emotion laden speech said, This attack has been on yearly basis and our people har passing through difficulties.

“There is no one year we do not lost souls to these killer herdsmen and the lowest is three or four, but the one of this year is the worst you can talk off.

The total number of 10 persons have been killed by herdsmen on this recent attack, two were killed in Avwon and the other 8 were killed in Agadama and many others that have sustained life threatening bullet injuries that are receiving treatment various hospital across the state.

Iniovogoma lamented that the Nigeria army was a bunch of disappointment alleging some of the killing of their people was done by the Nigeria Army stationed at the Bomadi barrack in Bomadi Local government Area.

“Please kindly beg the Nigeria Chief of Army Staff for us that this incident should not occur anymore in our land, they are there to protect us because we are not slaves but indigenes of the soil and if nothing is done, we will have no option but defends ourselves.

Also, a community leader, Chapman Oyibo Dicksons alleged that on that on the 12 and 15 of February, Fulani herdsmen in collaboration with the Nigeria army based in Bomadi came to carry out this assault on the executive of Port-Avwon community that was holding their meeting and all they could hear was ‘na una be this’ and the next thing was gunshot killing two person, and other six in the bush.

“One Ekwa Jerkins from Ohoror and one other were shot, aside those that were killed and injured in Agadama and Avwon.

“We are appealing to the federal government to come and save us and our community from this attack. he pleaded.

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