Urhobo Women Vows To Vote Out Omo-Agege For Daring To Say They Are Only Good For Beauty Pageant

By RT Hon Sunny Apah Ughelli
Urhobo Women, under the auspices of Urhobo Women With PVCs have vowed to vote out Senator Ovie Omo-Agege come 2019 for allegedly daring to say that women are only good for beauty pageant.

The women in their thousands, displaying their PVCs, vowed to vote out Omo-Agege from the Senate as he has no respect for womanhood, so he can never represent them in any capacity.

It could be recalled that Senator Omo-Agege made the derogatory statement against Urhobo women while inaugurating his campaign organization at Ughelli recently.

Irked by the statement, representatives of the women from the 24 kingdoms staged a peaceful protest against the estranged senator over debasement of the integrity of women in Delta central.

Speaking on behalf of the women, Mrs. Beauty Avwoko said the Senator sees himself as the leader of Urhobo people and not as a servant sent to the red chambers to represent them, “hence he has the guts to describe us as those only good for beauty pageant”.

“Come 2019, we don’t want a mace runner or someone synonymous to suspension to be our senator. We will massively vote for Hon. Evelyn Oboro whom we know as a performer and empowerment guru come 2019 election.

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