Advantage Evans! The billionaire kidnapper is not going down without a fight

Evans, the billionaire kidnapper, has asked the Inspector General of Police to release him.

This became public knowledge on Wednesday, 28th June, with reports that Evans has filed a suit against the IGP for unlawful detention.

Arrested on the 10th of June by officers of a special unit of the Nigerian Police, Evans has been the subject of much press coverage over the past two weeks. Cameras have followed the notorious kidnapper around town, from the place of his arrest in his house in Magodo, to other spots of importance in his kidnapping business.

Evans has been a wanted man for a long time. The Nigeria Police, on May 16, placed a N30 million on him, promising to give the amount to any person who would come forward with information on the dreaded kidnapper. His arrest had taken such a long time that when it eventually happened, the Police drank and danced to it in public.

But the man is apparently not going to back down without a fight.

The suit filed at a Federal High Court in Lagos is to compel the Police to either charge him to court or release him from custody. It is an audacious attempt by the kidnapper to leverage on any possible window of weakness in the Nigerian justice system to negotiate his way out of what should be a long and indicting trial.

If taken to trial, Evans faces anything from a life sentence to a death penalty, according to the Lagos State laws on kidnapping, but nothing in Nigeria is cast on stone, and Evans knows this. Despite all the confessions he has made, admitting to the terrible crime that brought many tears and traumas to a number of families, Evans is still bullish about his chances of continuing to see the light of day.

He has thrown down the gauntlet; let’s see how the Police picks it up.

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