Music for good governance

Konrad Adenauer Foundation (KAS)and Television Producer have called for the use of music in promoting good governance as 2019 election campaign approaches.

Mr Nori Mathias, Chief Executive Officer,  Quest Media made the call at a Roundtable organised by KAS for Civil Society Organisations and Media on the influence of music on politics and security on Tuesday in Abuja.

Mathias said that music could  be used to motivate citizens to vote the right candidate with integrity during elections as it was an influential tool.

He added that music was one of the fastest ways to orient Nigerians and the  world at large.

He called for synergy between government and musicians to ensure good governance in the country as it would go a long way in enlightening the public.

“Nigerian youths are highly influenced by music and it can be used to pass the right message during campaigns.

“Music is very important in enlightening,  particularly on politics.

“Elections are coming up, campaigns will soon start and with music as a tool for campaign Nigerians can vote the best candidate that will move the country forward.

“To get Nigeria back to greatness,  music is the right tool, because it brings about unity.”

He noted that music should be used cautiously as it could impact positively or negatively, stressing that it could heal wounds as well as open old wounds.

The TV presenter mentioned lack of good content as the major challenge facing the music industry adding that many still do have good contents.

According to him, music and football are powerful tools that can be used to mound the mentality and thinking of the youths.

Earlier, Mrs Hildegard Behrendt-Kigozi, Country Representative KAS said music was a very essential and influential tool everywhere in the world.

She said music makes people see things differently as different music could be used for different purposes.

“Music plays a very important role particularly in the media as it can be used to promote unity, eradicate violence, motivate soldiers to war and create peace in people’s mind.

“It can be used to express love, bring people in supportive mood during campaigns and motivate them to vote.”

She applauded Nigerian entertainment industry stating that they were catching up with international standards of production.

Mr Samson Adeniran, Programme Officer KAS, in his remarks defined music as an art that let people express themselves.

He classified music that promote murder, suicide as an alternative to life as a bad music.

Adeniran also said that music that glamour use drugs,alcohol, pornography and ethnic discrimination was bad.

He added that music could be used to pass the right message, stating that Late Fela Anikulapo Kuti spoke to the government through his music.

He added that  music remained a powerful tool for politicians to use and drive their campaigns to the minds of the people.(NAN)

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