Jordan to replace bread subsidy with cash grants

Jordan has decided to replace the current bread subsidy to Jordanians who are in need of financial support with cash, Minister of Industry and Trade, Yaroub Qudah said on Monday.

Qudah in a press conference said that the country would increase the prices of bread by 67 per cent to 100 per cent starting from February 1.

The minister said that 35 per cent of the country’s residents were non-Jordanians who consumed subsidised bread, adding that bread in Jordan was much cheaper than in several neighbouring countries.

He said that the government would save around 50 million dinars (75 million dollars) after replacing the bread subsidy with cash assistance.

Jordan decided to end bread subsidy as part of the measures to be taken by the government in 2018 to increase revenues amidst decline in foreign grants.


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