Fasting and prayers will not grow Nigeria’s economy-Osinbajo

Acting President, Yemi Osinbajo, has stated that the economy of Nigeria cannot be grown by engaging in fasting and prayers but only by the hard work from the country’s civil servants.

Osinbajo disclosed this during an interaction with civil and public servants on transparency and efficiency on Ease of Doing Business on Wednesday in Abuja, where he also stated that, “no matter how long we pray and fast, our nation won’t grow until some of us decide to do the hard work that will make our nation work.”

He added that Nigeria has some of the best civil servants in the world in terms of knowledge but fails in implementation. He added that if civil servants do what they are called to do, the country will change for the better.

“Our civil service is not just largest in Africa but the best educated and we must prove that we are not just bigger but better. The public service has power to change the social, economic and development story of a nation. Every generation owes the next generation a debt and it is true when they say the future is in our hands,” Osinbajo maintained.

He charged the civil servants to be always up and doing in the daily discharge of their duties and undertakings, saying “Every time we say come back next week for something we could do today, we postpone the prosperity of that person and the nation.”

Source: News Express

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