Breaking: Delta Therapist Discovers Natural Cure To COVID-19 Pandemic


Just as the world is finding it difficult to get cure to the deadly disease, Coronavirus, succur may have come Nigerian as natural cure to COVID-19 is said to be discovered by a Delta born therapist.

In a statement, by John Government Ozikabu, “The cure for the acute disease called Coronavirus also known as COVID-19 that is coming from Delta state, Nigeria should be embraced bybthe Nigerian government.

Ozibaku in the statement said, “The most dreaded disease that is currently plaguing the world coronavirus a.k.a Covid-19 is one disease that has claimed many lives and is still threatening to claim more.

“While the world over is pre-occupied with the thought of finding solution to this highly contagious respiratory disease, it is not out of place that such a solution would come from Nigeria and in the Niger Delta.

“I Gen’ John Government Ozikabu has discovered a cure for this novel virus, it is not a rocket science, neither it is time to ask the biblical question because it is practical.

According to Ozibaku, “It should be noted that since it is not agreed upon in any world conference that the cure for this pandemic should come from a particular region or country and now that the solution is coming from Nigeria (Delta State), it should be embraced.

“I John Government Ozikabu is calling on the Nigerian Government and the world at large to invite me as I prove to them the natural cure to this artificial disease that has claimed lives all over as the cure is with me”. He said.

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