By Elizabeth Vincent
YENEGOA -As part of its collective efforts to reduce  youths restiveness in the society, a non-governmental organization, ANDYJUST foundation has put in place every necessary arrangements to ensure smooth taking off a skill acquisition in the Niger Delta region.
According to the foundation, the acquisition tagged ‘Niger Delta at large skill acquisition will exposed the nitty-gritty of day-to-day business acumen in our modern day Nigeria.
National Coordinator of the program, Dr Sam Chukwmuyeme, The aim of the program is to keep youth out of the street and be dependent
He said, “We conducted a root cause analysis and found out that unemployment, idleness is one of the reason which crime rate is increasing, some of them are in the street because they are unemployable.
“Those that do business don’t have the orientation ,that is why Andy just foundation is to close the gap by providing a professional training and certification for those that will be employed.
He further disclosed that since they can not afford it out side,Andy just do it free”the organization funds the bills train them and issue certificate to them .
The entrepreneur aspect we train them in various valuable entrepreneurship course, empowered them with soft loans and grants for them to start business, the aim is to assist government in our own little quarter in contributing to the Mass employed of labour.
Dr Chukwmuyeme said the ANDYJUST foundation was registered by CAC in the year 2010 , and since then it has started operation, they have been in partnership program with Church’s in the the Niger Delta and beyond.
“Places and the program has been held is River State, Bayalsa,Edo, Delta ,Abia, Ebonyi,Imo,Anambara,Enugu , and cross rivert state, Andyjust has empowered over 36,000 youths in all these state.
He expressed satisfaction in which the program is giving to the youths, also said there is another one call catch them young program, is for scholarship this one has to partner with ministry of education in in the various state,where if you obtain the form and write the exam if you pass they will enroll you for the scholarship.
The Andyjust also have a multi link where they print out recharge card, and those who are interested write an application to us we will come and access the environment, and rent a shop for two years and give you a target if you are able to meet up in one year the business is yours, widows program for those that have lost their husbands are well taken care of.

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