2023: Tinubu/Shettima Achievements Have Made Our Job Easy -Emerhor


The Director, Directorate of Contacts and Mobilization South-South for Tinubu/Shetima Presidential Campaign Council, Olorogun O’tega Emerhor has said that All Progressive Congress, APC, Presidential candidate Chief Bola Ahmed TINUBU and the party Vice Presidential candidate, Kassim Shetima are good products which are not difficult to sell.


The former APC Governorship candidate who stated this during the inaugural meeting of the Directorate of Contacts and Mobilization South-South for Tinubu/Shetima Presidential Campaign Council urged members of the directorate to work assiduously to deliver the APC, presidential ticket and other party candidates.

Emerhor also reminded the members that they were uniquely appointed in recognition of their individual political experiences and capacities, adding that their appointment comes with huge responsibilities.

“We were uniquely appointed to this directorate in recognition of our individual political experiences and acknowledged capacities.

“This appointment, therefore, comes with huge responsibilities. It is a call to action, action to work assiduously to deliver our Candidate.

“The South-South is a peculiarly difficult one with respect to our party. PDP has retained dominance in this regconcerningand indeed produced a President of Nigeria from 2009 to 2015,” he said.

Meanwhile, Emerhor accused the PDP governors from the zone of squandering federally allocated resources to the region, adding that the South South governors have managed to continue to pass the blame for the underdevelopment of the region to the Federal government and advising the directorate to get ready to work hard and take over the region for APC.

He noted that though the task of delivering the zone would not be an easy one, however, the failure of the past PDP government, coupled with the good candidates APC is presenting makes the work easier.

“Our principals, Tinubu/Shetima are good products to sell. Their achievements and their manifesto make our job easy.”

He added that for effective coordination, “the leadership of our directorate has also decided to set up a decentralised structure that will ensure we deliver the results. As you know, crisscrossing the terrain of our region is difficult and costly. To this end, most of our programs and activities shall be State based instead of Region-based.

“Only very few activities shall require all of the states to converge in one location. In this regard, we are to set up State Directorates in each of the 6 states. These directorates shall have State Directors and other complimentary officers mirroring the central directorate.

“The State directorates shall be sufficiently empowered and supported by the regional leadership in order to achieve the mandate of the Directorate and the State directorates shall be set up by the members of the Leadership from each state.

“He added that “Olorogun Emerhor shall handle Delta State, Chief David Lyon, Bayelsa, Dr Dakuku, Rivers, Hon Samson Osagie, Edo, Senator Enoh/ Chief Orim, Cross River and Prince Effiong Akpan, Akwa Ibom.

“We are also to expand our membership on a state-by-state basis co-opting people with capacity in our states that can assist us in our assignment. The leadership in each state will anchor this effort consistent with the guidelines that shall be provided. I as Director shall ensure that such members receive PCC approval and appointment.

“Accordingly, therefore, after this meeting, State Leadership are expected to hold urgent State by State meetings in their respective states to put in place the State Directorates as urgently as possible. The work starts now,” Emerhor emphasized.

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