2023: I Will Contest Again For The Sake Of My People -Tam

Comrade Tam Oburumu has launched his interest to contest again for the Delta State House Of Assembly seat of Bomadi Constituency in 2023 to Joshua his people from the wilderness to Cannaan.


Oburumu who contested for the seat at the 2019 general elections under the platform of African Action Congress, AAC, disclosed in his verified facebook handle that, people of his constituency is highly misrepresented, deprived short change and poorly represented at the state House of Assembly.

While declaring his interest, he is yet to disclose under which platform he is going to run for the position.


In his words, I am going to contest for the Parliamentary seat of Bomadi constituency in the Delta State House of Assembly. God shall see me through.


“I cannot afford to see my people highly deprived, shortchanged, manipulated and poorly represented. God will be angry too if I don’t do anything about it.


“My people have been politically oppressed, debased and grossly abused over the past twenty-five years and it’s worrisome. God cannot call me and allow my people to continuously suffer in the hands selfish, visionless, dubious and satanic politicians.

“It is my prerogative to use the call of God to diligently serve my people just like what Mosses , Joshua and many prophets did in the times of old.

“My people across the creeks are in dire need of good leadership and representation. The political redeemer is here .

“Up to this day, there are many towns and villages that lack good roads, hospitals, electricity, schools, water etc . Children are still seen hawking instead of being in school, mortality rate is rising, unemployment is increasing, crimes and numerous social vices rampant .

“How on earth will things change if we continue to run away from our painful shadows? It will amount to religious ignorance if you think God will be happy with us if we abandoned our responsibilities to correct political wrongs

“I am on a mission to Joshua us from wilderness to Canaan and it’s your decision to either continue with me or step aside but definitely nothing will stop this divine movement of political and religious emancipation of our people.

“The propagation of God’s truth , charity, good leadership and quality political representation is my priority, it’s the best way to worship God.

“I am Tam oburumu, a writer, human rights activist, preacher of truth .
I am going to contest for the seat to represent Bomadi constituency in the Delta State House of Assembly to propagate God’s message and give my people qualitative representation.
#NeverGiveUpSpirit #MakingItRight #UnderstandingGod

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