Why I’m Contesting Ughelli North Consituancy II Seat – Comrade Regha

—- Expressed optimism towards securing victory

House of Assembly candidate for Ughelli North Consituancy II, Comrade Obus Regha, has expressed optimism towards securing victory in the coming Saturday’s poll.

Obus who is contesting under the Sustainable National Party, SNP, said he is vying for the seat to alleviate the sufferings of the commoners in the society, adding that it was high time young vibrant and visionary youths with ideas to bring development be voted into office.

Speaking to newsmen after campaign visits to Ufuoma, Uwherun, Ododego, Afiesere and Agbarho in Ughelli Constituency II, said, “I took this mandate not because I’m very rich or have been in government before but because I have the ordinary man at heart. It was for the same reason I took it upon myself to fight for those workers that were duely employed by the previous government that Okowa sacked immediately he came to office.

“Today that fight has started paying off as Okowa has set up a committee to review the issue and those true Deltans should be called back. Today we are happy because we started that fight in 2015 and today it’s paying off.

“I noticed that in Nigeria especially in Ughelli North, we don’t improve on what we have, instead they diminish. For instance, as a growing child we use to have power supply at least four to five days in a week, but today, we can hardly see light for one day in a whole week despite the fact that we host a major power plant in this Constituency.

“There are so many things going wrong and I will seek answers. For instance if you get to Warri and Asaba everywhere is lighted up, but in Ughelli were we have the same facilities nothing is happening. I will ensure that whatever is due Ughelli North Constituency II come to them. Today a lot of young men from Ughelli are not investing in Ughelli because of insecurity and the person representing us is not saying anything about it.

“One of the things that makes mega cities today is the night life. But we cannot have night life where there is no security and that is one of the issue I will address if voted for.

“I’m going there not to enrich myself, I’m a modern man and know what a modern man should do. I studied English and literary studies from Delta State University and I understand the absurdity in it when you have to acquire all the wealth in this world and still die and be buried with nothing. The final place of our rest is six feet, nobody will leave this world with his house, vehicle and others and some of us who are in the House of Assembly are not doing anything.

“Ughelli North is too broad, too educationally inclined for someone who lack idea and vision to go and represent. House of Assembly is a place the need intellectuals that will make good laws that will affect the lives of the people positively.

“The salary being paid members of the House would be enough for me, I will not deep my hands into money meant for Constituency projects, because Constituency projects are the projects that are supposed to benefit the ordinary man on the street.

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