Urhobo elders strategise on Ahwinahwi  political development


By Akpovoke Otiti

ARHAVWARIEN- As the 2019 General Elections is fast approaching,  preparation for   Chief (Hon)  Solomon Awhinawhi campaign exercise are increasing  with the right opportunity  groups,  association and individual  getting busier to position  themselves for  Awhinawhi  victory at the polls. Many others are canvassing and communicating to other political parties they feel can join hands to deliver Solomon come 2019.

Just a few days ago,  Urhobo elders and leaders from across Ughelli-Udu fed. Constituency were in Arhavwarien Kingdom for an important assignment to promote  and deliver Olorogun Hon Solomon Urhobojovwe Ahwinahwi  re-election . They had the opportunity to rub minds on the way forward for Awhinawhi victory come 2019.

The gathering,  having taken views of Awhinawhi developments over the years at the green chambers and his companies sighted in Urhoboland to ease unemployment  among Urhobo youths,  observed that Ahwinahwi reelection is the best thing to do.

It was the resolution of the urhobo eminent elders gathering that were ughelli-Udu federal constituency to revert back to Solomon developmental strides.  Awhinawhi reelection would be better , says the elders.

The communique,  while noting that Ahwinahwi remains their Candidate, that Urhobo people are indivisible and strengthened by a common cultural bond and ideological vision.  The elders reiterated that Ahwinahwi believes on the common goal of human development in terms of equity,  fairness and the dominating anchor of justice.

As the 2019 polls freaking near, the Urhobo eminent elders and leaders resolved in the communique to throw their support behind Hon Solomon Ahwinahwi under the platform of SDP, who is the House of representatives candidate while doing that, the urhobo leaders said the decision came in vies of Chief Hon Solomon Ahwinahwi ‘s support for human capital development and to create equal opportunity for all stakeholders.

The Urhobo eminent elders resolved to adopt the candidture of Ahwinahwi as a view for his support for restructuring as well.

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