The Spirit Of Ukraine That Nigeria Lacks – Tam Oburumu Is Talking

The Russian bullies, army(d) by the power possessed Socialist corruptor Vladimir Putin have something in mind, to forcely annex Eastern Europe to the Colective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) the babied rival to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

CSTO was established in 1992 by Russia after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991as a resuscitatory ploy of Russian dominance over smaller countries in Eastern Europe. Unfortunately for Russian most countries declined except Armenia, Uzbekistan, kazakhstan,Tajiskistan.kyrgistan.

I have read many rather annoying justifications by some facebook I-wanna-write persons putting the pen and brain into disrepute analyzing rubbish. I have to educate us on some basics before focusing at the intent of this article.

First, NATO, the main reason why people justify this regrettable invasion by Russia on Ukraine is not an American thing. NATO was founded after the 2nd World War in 1949 by 28 European countries to protect their territorial priorities and diplomatic dispositions. The USA and Canada later joined as members probably for politically militarized interests. Therefore, NATO is more of an European ideology than US.

Second,Ukraine as an sovereign country has right to her own decisions or policies without the permission of Russia in any way despite being a former member of the defunct Soviet Union before her independence in 1991. Ukraine has exclusive right as a sovereign nation to be a member of NATO or any other organization as the case may be. There’s nothing any body including Russia can do about it.

Third, Russia’s support of Donetsk and Luhansk in Eastern Ukraine in their quest to become independent states should tell the motive of Putin in his personal dictative campaign to put the past Soviet members under his feet. A move that even ordinary Russians are vehemently opposing.

As earlier projected,this piece is not completely particularized at the war of aggression by Russia on Ukraine but the resilience spirit showed by the average Ukrainian in standing up for their country. The spirit of nationalism and patriotism to defend their country in the face of death!

For the past few days ,I have seen the rebirth of patriotism and nationalism in a people who believed in survival,people who understand the symbol of national identity..People who believed in their government , an effective government that provided infrastructure, good education and healthcare.

Ukraine and Zelensky, her 44 years old president’s undaunted residence to defend their country directly drives a message to me. A message to build the spirit of loyalty to our country. But does Nigeria has the locus standi for such pledge? Can an average Nigerian fight voluntarily for this country in peculiar times like these? A country that has no regard for her citizens? I doubt.

In Ukraine, civil servants, lawyers, celebrities,students,teachers etc are all carrying arms voluntarily to defend their country.. There is no greater inspiration than putting your life down for a course. This is how to identify a true country..A country of free citizens unlike in Nigeria where few people in the name of political parties and government, misappropriate pubic funds for private use, subjecting the generality of her citizenry into abject poverty and suffering. Who will fight for such a country?

I tell you, If there was an invasion by a foreign country, whether small or big, this country will not even see a dog to voluntarily bark at the enemy at the battle field if not conscripted.

There has never been any nationalist in this country in its real sense. We just have people driven by tribal or regional sentiments wearing the deceptive cloak of nationalism…
This is a fact…


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