Pastor Adeboye: 2019 elections may not hold if killings continue

The General Overseer Worldwide of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor Enoch Adeboye, has said elections may not hold in Nigeria next year if the killings in the country continue.

Adeboye, who stated this during the church’s May Holy Ghost Service on Friday titled, ‘Stronger Than Your Enemies 5’, however, said his position was borne out of reasoning and not a prophecy.

He said he was in Germany when his wife of over 50 years asked him what the problem was since he was unusually quiet that morning, noting that then, she was unaware of the church killings in Nigeria.

Adeboye added, “I said ‘There is no father who will lose 19 children in a day and will not be quiet. That in a church somebody went in and shot 19 people (dead). It doesn’t matter the denomination. By the special grace of God, all Christians in Nigeria call me daddy. So, when any one of them dies, it is my son or daughter that is killed’.’’

The cleric, who called on the congregation to join him in praying for the country, added, “because until these killings stop and stop immediately, even Nigeria may not live. I am not talking about individuals now. I am talking about Nigeria itself.’’

He added, “A bishop asked me some time ago, ‘Daddy has God told you who will win the next election?’ And it is a strange thing that only in Pentecostal circles you hear a bishop calling a pastor ‘daddy.’ I said, ‘Sir, I am not even sure yet if there will be elections because unless these killings stop, there may be no election next year.’ He said, ‘Are you prophesying daddy?’ I replied, ‘No, No, No, I am not prophesying. I am just reasoning because nobody will want to go out to vote if they are not sure they will be able to return home safe’.’’

Adeboye recalled that he experienced a war at close quarters. He added that he told members of the church about it when some people were agitating for war not long ago.

He further stated, “There is nothing good about war. It is a terrible thing. A nation may survive a civil war but no nation can survive a religious war and remain the same. That Nigeria may live, these killings must stop.’’

Adeboye later urged the congregation to pray to God for the killings to stop for Nigeria’s survival.


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