By Henry Efe Duku

I do not believe it is virtuous or honourable to support or work comfortably with permanently unrepentant, wicked and ‘consciencesless’ people who parade themselves as leaders. Never!

Whether they be rich or poor, relatives or friends, I am not wired naturally or by learning to relate well with people who are demonstrably and unabashedly bad to others and society in general.

Something in me constantly rebels against greedy and corrupt leaders who mock and abuse their offices and make society suffer as a result. No hate, but I prefer to relate with them from a distance, if at all, whilst praying for them to change and at the same time working against their primitive interests.

On the other hand, it is part of my DNA to swim, rise or sink with a good man who remains true to the tenets of good conscience and the fear of God. I will always support and fight for the good, innocent man, no matter what comes our way. I don’t ever accept a negative definition of good men.

Surely, all humans have weaknesses. However, insofar as these weaknesses do not overshadow our good sides, they should never define us. They can be highlighted for correction but not to bring the essentially good man down.

In this regard, my privileged father-son connection with no other than the enigmatic Chief Great Ogboru speaks for itself. I know his immeasurable sacrifices. I know his transformational thought for a better society. I see him empty himself to give smiles to ordinary people. I see him raise sinking men just like Jesus did to his disciples when that boat was sinking. I see his life give hope to many. A profoundly good man. I will always honour and follow him.

In the same way, I am absolutely committed to my blood and boss, HE Senator Ovie Omo-Agege, The Obarisi of Urhoboland and Deputy Senate President of Nigeria. More than ever before, I am in a unique position to say, ‘I know him’.

The Obarisi is deeply passionate about our people. If he gives you his word, take it to the bank as a collateral. He never breaks his word or promise. He will never go against an innocent person even if an improperly informed majority casts stones on that person. He will never do anything to undermine our people’s interests. Never.

Yes, a few very desperately wicked people are in the habit of labouring to wrongly define the essential Ovie Omo-Agege. But we know that a good legacy cannot be destroyed by a wrong description. We die with our conscience frozen the day we freely allow a good man to be cast in the mould of the bad.

As expected, I hold tremendous privileged information by virtue of my unique positions. I have a contract with my conscience to act with utmost sense of responsibility in the management of whatever information I receive and hold. Suffice to say that I attest wholly to Senator Omo-Agege’s deep concern for the good of our people.

Looking at me straight in the eyes one day in his former Senate Suite 0.05 office, Omo-Agege said, “Bros G (Great Ogboru) has to be Governor. We have to do everything we can. It will be most unfair to think of the contrary. Haba! Wetin? Oda tobo diorha (Even if it’s witchcraft), let’s do everything to stop them. Yes o, Efe. …”

And I know Obarisi moved everywhere to match his words with concrete action, and in the process, picked quarrels with virtually all anti-Ogboru forces in the Delta APC and beyond. That is the Obarisi I know.

So, let it be clear to mischief makers that because ‘I KNOW HIM’ I will always stand firm as a witness of the DSP’s character. Those with the penchant for throwing totally false allegations should have a rethink.

This message is mainly for that axis of evil that is preoccupied with the impossible task of sowing unnecessary discord and tainting the Deputy President of the Senate. We will not allow you continue with your wicked enterprise. This is a firm promise.

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