Just yesterday, the death of Jerry Rawlings, a former president of the Fourth Republic of Ghana was announced by the Ghanaian government with sobriety. According to the biography of this great leader as I read about it on Wikipedia, was initially an officer with the Ghana Air Force, a pilot officer.

Why in the military, he saw many national needs of the country that needs immediate attention by the sitting government which the government had hitherto paid deaf ears.

This prompted Jerry Rawlings to venture into leadership whether by hook or crook. He saw himself as a saviour that could save his people and his country from falling and disintegration. In short, the story of Jerry Rawlings is on the internet for every reader that loves history and culture.

Now, let’s go to the business of the day. Metaphorically, leadership is more than just being a leader. To be a leader is a title and position which so many people crave for, but blatantly refused to lead. Many of our leaders in Nigeria here are only interested to wear the regalia of their new leadership positions without knowing fully well the essence of leadership.

On the other hand, if Jerry Rawlings were to be self-centered leader as many Nigerian leaders, do you think, the president of Ghana would declare seven days of mourning? Doing this by the government of Ghana, shows that Jerry Rawlings was a good leader. A leader who knew the true meaning of leadership.

Symbolically, the picture of Jerry Rawlings to Nigerian government is nothing but, a wake up call to our present leaders that, “a good name is better than riches” according to the words of the Bible. Obviously, I know without being told that, there are some of our leaders in this country, if they should die now, the people will greatly rejoice God to remove such wicked ones from the land. This is the kind of legacy some leaders will leave behind. Be a role model in your time!

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