Nigeria’s future depends on Jonathan’s confab — Falae

‎The leaders of Yoruba nation yesterday insists that the Federal Government must consider restructuring as option for effective governance in Nigeria.

They also ‎called for massive devolution of ‎powers and resources ‎from the centre to the federating units.‎

Speaking at the ‎‎meeting of the Conscience of Yoruba Race, which ‎discussed the theme ‘Restructuring ‎Nigeria: Options and Strategies,’ the chairman of the occasion and a former‎ Secretary to the Government of the Federation,‎ Chief Olu Falae, said devolution ‎of power also involved‎ decentralizing responsibilities.

‎‎Falae noted‎ ‎that while there were many options to restructuring, the‎ future of Nigeria depended ‎on the implementation of the reports of the 2014 National Conference‎ which was convoked by ex-President Goodluck Jonathan.

‎‎Falae said the Yoruba nation was also in support of the conference. “What ‎we have come to‎ discuss is a big subject in Nigeria. Not long ago, the ‎new president (Buhari), my‎ friend, said it was a non-issue and that the report of the‎ national confab had ‎not been read.

“But that subject has become topical and like‎ I said in my recent‎ interview, the restructuring of Nigeria via the report of‎ the national conference is the future of Nigeria if it has a future. ‎

“The options for restructuring are many; we went to Abuja for a regional‎ agenda but on getting‎ there, the middle belters were scared of it but I am happy‎ that in recent times‎, they are at the fore-front. I called my‎ friend Jerry Gana ‎and asked him what had happened and he said they had had a change of mind.‎ Change must come‎ but not the partisan change that has no meaning,” he said.

Northern delegates recently rejected the outcome of the conference, saying it was skewed in favour of some sections of the country.

About the same time, with the exception of a former National Chairman of the PDP, Col. Ahmadu Ali, leaders from the Middle Belt, headed by Prof. Jerry Gana said they were in tune with the recommendations of the report.

‎ In‎ his welcome address, the Administrator of the ‎Conscience of the Yoruba Race, Akogun Omololu, stated that happenings in the‎ country called for the need for the Yoruba race to mobilise‎ intelligence and ensured social justice for their members.‎

The ‎meeting had in attendance, a  former governor of Ogun ‎State, Gbenga ‎ Daniel, ‎Professor Amos Akingba, Mrs. Mojoyinola Dupe Ajao, Dr. ‎Gbola Adetunji, Professor Wale Olaitan among‎ others. ‎



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