Jubilations As Obruche Is Installed Odion R’ Ode Of Uwheru Kingdom In Delta


Months after the demise and traditional burial rites of her monarch, the Ukoro society of Uwheru kingdom in Ughelli north local government has selected and installed Chief Simpson Sapele Obruche as the new Odion r’ Ode of the kingdom.


Chief Obruche was installed at Uhwerevioro headquarters of Uwheru by Chief Meeting Orhorhe after he was introduced by Chief Daniel Muoboghare, the acting Owhoriota of Erovie quarter and Uwheru kingdom respectively.

According to Chief Meeting, “After passing through all the traditional process, we did what ought to be done by installing our traditional ruler and that is why we are celebrating.

“If the traditional processes were not followed, we would not have been at this place to perfect the installation”.

Also speaking at the event, former president general of Uwheru, Barr Clement Osieta said, “Today is a day truth triumph over evil in Uwheru kingdom.

“As a former president general of Uwheru for three years and youth leader for eight years, we have been wanting a true leadership to emerge and be able to develop this kingdom.

“High Royal Highness, Simpson Obruche is the man that merited the position as the traditional ruler of our great kingdom, and the Ukoro Institution affirmed his position after going through the processes.

“One can become a member Ukoro institution to become a king in Uwheru by the placement of one’s father without the child knowing and by the tracing, Simpson is the most senior member to ascend the throne as our traditional ruler.

“After much tussle and government interference, members of Ukoro judiciously met, righteously they decided for one man in the person of HRH Simpson Obruche who is the most senior man in age and membership.

“They were five that contested for the position and when he presented the time he entered the Ukoro through his father, three contestants backed out on the ground that their own fathers were children when Simpson joined.

Uwheru Kingdom Celebrating after HRH Simpson Sapele Coronation as Odion r’ Ode.

“Those contesting with him are between the age of 60-70 years, while Simpson is nearing a century but one other felt that he has political connection that would make him become a king.

“The elders and the entire community met and it was resolved at the house of Bishop Muoghare(Rtd.) that this man that the Ukoro has chosen is the rightful person and it was generally agreed and it is on that agreement, the entire stand on.

On his part, the traditional ruler, HRH Simpson Sapele Obruche said, “Today is a wonderful day for me and the entire Uwheru kingdom, and i always pray God almighty to help and guide me to solve what Uwheru is expecting because there is a lot to be done.

HRH Simpson Sapele Obruche addressing newmen after his installation and coronation as Uwheru traditional ruler

“I am praying God to give me the ability, to help me with cooperation of all Uwheru citizens, community to solve the enormous work we have at hand.

“What i am expecting from all sons and daughters of Uwheru to come together and make it great again because the kingdom is very peculiar in Urhobo land.”

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