By: Ambs. Raymond Ugbeh


Contributed by: Mr Efe Ahweyevu ( A. K.A Kejekpo)


Governor Ifeanyi Okowa no doubt is one of the finest politicians PDP has produced in the recent time. A rugged- gentleman of emollient sagacity whose political wisdom and insight is on hot demand within and outside the perimeter of his political kinsmen.

By the doctrine of inherited selection practices, 2023; a changeover year will see the outgoing governor suggest, impose, handpick or better still foist his successor on his party men – this of cause will put the widely consulted wisdom and insight of Gov. Okowa in a measuring basket.

Recently as the Urhobos are bent on producing the next Governor, the political handshakes between various camps and ethnic groups within the umbrella brotherhood have suggested that there is fire on the mountain.

To handle this situation, the Governor so far has applied the following tactics

Governor Okowa a good political student of his predecessor James Ibori has used unpredictability and his political mood swing to control the political blood-pressure of Urhobo nation,he has constantly used this tactics to control the political temperature of Delta state thereby keeping the power players guessing.
In one of his rallies, he advised Urhobo nation to get a formidable team who will collaborate with other ethnic groups if they will produce the next Governor.

This was the background which gave birth to Sen Amori’s led DC-23. After this time, mr Governor switched his mood and in a dangerous political manuoevre and well articulated power show, some people were fired and others quickly resigned from his cabinet. This move was not unconnected to the succession tussle within the soul of the Umbrella party.

The politicking was put in a forward gear; rumor came that the undocumented doctrine of political turn-by-turn has been set aside and that the Ijaws have been anointed to occupy the Osadebe house.

This news up-rooted the Urhobo biggest masquerade; the Odidigborigbo himself to pay a courtesy yet an emergency visit to his formal loyalist; Ekpemupolo Government Aka Tompolo, the Governor of the sea and the rivers. In all these, the Anioma finest has maintained a deafening silence yet, held the political jugular of the state in an iron clad disposition.

In another swift move, over the weekend; through one of his divorced media aides, who refused to move out of the enstraged political marriage, Barr Fred Latimore; it was unofficially announced by him that Delta has been “SHERIFFIED”- a code name used by the campaign team of the speaker of house of Assembly.

This we know is a serious statement as his(Latimore) first goof which led to his sack must have taught him some bitter lessons.

This, if it is true, I consider as decoy. It is an intentional deflection of the people’s attention and focus towards the reality of mr governor’s right choice.

I can tell you for free that Gov. Okowa has not settled for any candidate yet. He is testing the political resolves of stake holders most especially the urhobo extracts.

The Choice of Sherrif Oborevwori as the anointed one, if it is true is nothing but a political decoy.
The big masquerade is yet to be revealed.

Governor Okowa is a Master strategist!

Urhobo stake holders should not handle him emotionally. If we must get the best candidate for the Osadebe job , there must be a logical pursuit of inclusiveness of all stake holders and opinion leaders’ interest.

Ambs. Raymond Ugbeh.
A strategist
An analyst
A socio-preneur

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