How UPYA Achieves its Aim in 2019 And The Vessels Of Honour God Used


By Marcus Ekure

As a tradition in UPYA to publish ACTION PLAN at the beggining of each year and to publish report of accomplishments at the end of the year, bellow is the list of UPYA 2019 strides and the invisible hands that pushed the buttons.

Successful execution of the 2019 Dr Ovie Ughwanogho Annual Urhobo Challenge with about 198 Challenging Schools and over 380 Challengers with the following prizes given out: 1st Position: N250,000, 2nd: N150,000 and N100,000 with other consolation prizes of N50,000 naira each.

Through UPYA Job solution data bank, Employment Opportunities was created for a total of 63 youths in banking, hospital and education sectors who are currently working;

Took a free Mobile Empowerment Train to Ovwor Olomu with over 150 children, youths and women on board, who where trained in relevant vocations and over 30 new small scale businesses established and commissioned that are still thriving till date

Took a free Mobile Empowerment Train to Ofuoma community with over 200 Children, youths and women positively impacted with values and skills and over 50 small businesses established.

Took another free Mobile Empowerment Train to Igor Community with over 180 children , youths and women on board and established over 30 small scale businesses.

Reached out to over 1000 secondary school students.

UPYA Team Leader as a Principal resource person in the 2019 UN SDG Global Festival of Action in Bonn, Germany

20 Radio and TV Appearances by UPYA TEAM Leader and other key TEAM members on very sensitive discuss of strategic importance to nation building, human capital and community development.

On behalf of the UPYA TEAM and family worldwide, may I sincerely appreciate all who made the 2019 UPYA stride a reality.

Our sponsors, Patrons and partners have been so awesomely great and cooperative in all ramifications!

We feel this year shouldn’t come to an end without appreciating these rare gems: Special thanks to the following who we regard to as true generals and honourables:

(1) Evang Dr S.O.Olotu (JP)

(2) Dr P. C. Onakponovwe

(3) Chief Arc O.C. Majoroh

(4) Dr Ovie Ughwanogho

(5) HRM King Johnson Duku 11

(6) Prince Henry Efe Duku

(7) Dr Emmanuel Audu Ohwavborua

(8) Rev Dr Charles Apoki

(9) Hon Francis Waive

(10) Olorogun Paul Abu

(11) Dr Amos Obi

(12) Prof Fufeyin Tawari

(13) Benedicta Ejoor

I pray for unending flourishing and longevity for all these great men and women who daily sacrifice for humanity through the platform of UPYA.

Finally, I also appreciate and salute specially, my dear UPYA GENERALS cum AMBASSADORS who have become my true family for their passionate, sacrificial and unrelenting doggedness at ensuring a better society. They have killed self completely and have become inimitable rare gems.

They weigh more in value than the gold mine in South Africa as well as the oil wells in Saudi Arabia. May God bless them all.

And to our family members, friends and fans on social media and off social media who daily promote and encourage what we do, may the Almighty God grant all your heart desires in Jesus Name! Amen.

This is specially our Patrons, Sponsors, Mentors, Family members, Friends and Fans a Merry Christmas and Immeasurable Prosperity in 2020…

We Love you all!!

Note: On the 5th of January (next Sunday) UPYA shall be holding its usual end of year love feast where reports of previous year is presented and implementation ACTION TEMPLATE released for the new year.

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