Evance Ivwurie Gives Departure Speech As DTHA Member

Being extract of the text of my valedictory speech as delivered by me this morning in the hallowed chamber of the Delta State House Of Assembly.

  1. I offered my special thanksgiving to God Almighty for His faithfulness, protection, love, guidance and favour throughout my time in the Delta State House of Assembly.
  2. I thanked my constituency for giving me the opportunity to serve as a member of the Delta State House of Assembly.
  3. I thanked my children and the Hon. Evance Ochuko Ivwurie family for their unflinching support, understanding and love.
  4. I thanked the leadership of the Delta State House of Assembly led by Speaker Sheriff Oborevwori for their support.
  5. I thanked the staff of the Delta State House of Assembly led by the Clerk.
  6. I thanked my personal staff for their loyalty, dedication to duty and love.
  7. I thanked the Speaker and the House for standing by me and my constituency all through the travails that plagued my constituency. Through the support, cooperation and actions of the Delta State House of Assembly, countless lives and properties were saved in my constituency during the atrocities of the Fulani herdsmen and Presco Plc aggression, and also, several projects and program were attracted to and commissioned in my constituency.
  8. I enjoyed the camaraderie of the caucuses of the 6th Assembly.
  9. I have great respect for the institution of the parliament and my experience this last 4 years as a lawmaker has reinforced that respect. My experience in the House tells a story of a House that championed the growth and development of Delta State through pro-people and pro-development bills, constitutional oversight, constituency projects, etc. Although a lot more still need to be done, but I am truly happy that we are evolving.

Many Honorable Members truly wore the befitting crown of representing their constituency with efficiency in the last 4 years and my respect for them will last for a long time.

This Honorable House has powered allegiance and patriotism through hard work to our beloved State and that has assured a greater future for our beloved State, its citizens and residents. I am grateful for that.

In the last four years, this House has been committed to advancing the public purpose of our dear State with immediate positive impact on our constituencies.

During this last 4 years, we have been great change makers for the good of all Deltans, putting the interests of the State above our personal interests.

During the course of my tenure, I decamped from the Labour Party (LP) due to circumstances beyond my control and I have no single regret in taking that decisive decision. I must thank the Governor of Delta State His Excellency Senator Dr. Arthur Ifeanyichukwu Okowa and the former Governor of Delta State Chief James Onanefe Ibori for their leadership, trustworthiness, integrity, influence, steadfastness, sincerity, strong personalities and for leading the way.

I wish to thank the Speaker and Members of the Delta State House of Assembly and many of the leaders of the Peoples Democratic Party, (PDP) across the State who sincerely accepted and welcomed me back to the PDP.

I also thank the members of the PDP in Ethiopie East who really did not accept and welcome me to the PDP in the LGA. There is a lesson in every experience and I thank GOD WHO HAS THE FINAL SAY for sparing my life all through my horrendous experience in the LGA since I rejoined the PDP. As I match forward to greater heights through Christ Jesus, I return all the glory and honor to God Almighty.

Hon. (Chief) Evance Ochuko Ivwurie
Delta State House of Assembly,
Asaba – Nigeria.

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