Ekure, UPYA President Congratulates Ughwanogho On His Birthday

The president of Urhobo Progress Youths Association, UPYA, Comrade Marcus Ekure has congratulated Olorogun Dr. Ovie Ughwanogho on the occasion of his birthday.


Speaking on behalf of UPYA team members and his immediate family ,Ekure said, “Olorogun Dr Ovie Ughwanogho, the Ejoyovwi of Effuronto Kingdom, is golden fish in a fish bowl. A pathfinder, trail blazer and pace setter with an Avalanche of goodwill! For no reason, he loves and cares for all without season.

“He is a man with intimidating academic and philanthropic pedigree! A 21st century destiny helper and succour to the less privileged who has given many dying dreams and visions reasons to live again

He is the sole sponsor of the biggest quiz competition in the Niger Delta, 3rd in Nigeria and 10th in Africa and 26st in the World – Annual Urhobo Challenge which reaches out yo over 200 secondary schools (both public and private) annually.

He is one of the invisible hands propelling UPYA to higher heights daily! Friends join the UPYA Family world wide to celebrate this PRIDE of Masculine GLORY on this auspicious ocaion of his birthday

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