DTHA elections: APC, PDP, SDP Candidates Shun Ughelli North Constituency I, Debate

By Joel Grandball / Omamuzo Efidhere

…As PPA candidate Steps Down for Ominimini of Accord Party

As the elections into the Delta State House of Assembly draw nearer, the candidate of the Progressives Peoples Alliance, PPA, Barr. Solomon Adjedjevwe has stepped down his ambition to represent Ughelli North constituency I, for Dr. Christopher Ominimini of the Accord Party at the debate organized in their honour.

The debate which was organized by The Rainbow Newspaper Press Limited in conjunction with Ughelli North constituency I, Students Union was attended by Dr. Christopher Ominimini of the Accord Party, Comr Rufus Ibebe Akpobome of the African Democratic Congress, ADC, and Barr. Solomon Adjedjevwe of the Progressives Peoples Alliance, PPA, respectively.

In their various speech, they held that, their motives of running for the Ughelli North constituency I, seat is to represent and their constituents and give them quality representation.

One of the speaker, Dr. Ominimini in his speech said, “All the communities that made up this constituency are majorly oil producing but it has lacked the presence of government.

“No Financial Institution, no roads to access some of these communities, no Medical care for the people and if I am elected, I will pursue democratic dividends for the old people and the entire constituents.

“Our children need free education, and conducive learning environment, because they are the leaders of tomorrow.

“I am going to the House to draw dividends of democracy to our people, adequate allocations and infrastructural development because as a people and constituents, we have been short changed and that I will put an end to.

Our pregnant women needed free and proper Anti natal care, the youths needs quality education and policies that will favour our people”.

On his part, Comr Ibebe of the ADC held that he is on liberation and fresh hope for the people of the constituency.

He said, “We have been faced with misappropriation and misrepresentation from those who we call our leaders because when they got there, they will be power drunk and forget those who voted them into power.

The PPA candidate, Adjedjevwe after his speech stepped down and asked all his supporters to support the aspirations of Dr. Christopher Ominimini because they both have same vision for the people of constituency I.

According to him, Ominimini came to me and told me about his vision for the constituency and they all tally with my own too and after examine him, today, I decided to step down and work with him with all my supporters.

Candidates there were not present at the debate are, Barr Charles Oniyere of the APC, Hon Kenneth Ibru of the PDP and Hon, Ugbegu Ruona Igho of the SDP and no reason was given for their absence from the debate.

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