Court dissolves marriage over “barrenness”

A Mapo Customary Court in Ibadan,  on Monday  dissolved the four-year-old marriage between one Labake Fagbola  and her husband, Seun, over barrenness and  exploitation.

Mr Ademola Odunade, the President of  the court held that the court was clearly convinced that Seun was taking undue advantage of Labake’s   childlessness.

“ In the interest of peaceful coexistence, the union between Labake and Seun has ceased to be.

“ To forestall any crisis and cheating, Labake shall give any of the property she is willing to give away to Seun  because she owns the bakery business in contention.

“Consequently, both of you shall maintain orderliness after this judgment,” said the arbitrator.

Labake had earlier told the court that her husband was taking undue advantage of her barrenness to exploit her and sleep with her employees.

“My lord, I have been through  hell as a wife to Seun in the last four years as a result of my inability to conceive.

“All the steps I have taken so far to ensure pregnancy had  yielded no result.

“Seun, to whom I devoted all that I have made in life, has done little or nothing to support me in my attempt to get pregnant.

“Worse  still, he has suddenly and ungratefully converted the business I founded with my hard-earned resources.

“He is now laying claim to the bakery that I established, thereby, pushing me aside.

“Furthermore, I own the lion share of the money used in the purchase of the landed property which Seun had  also assumed sole ownership of.

“May be he has totally given up on the hope that I might ever conceive again.

“He now sleeps with my female employees and apprentices to the extent that he is even ready to marry one of them,” Labake said.

Seun,  who resides at Femi Taiwo Street, Joyce B area of Ibadan, however, opposed the dissolution of the union..

The respondent also  denied all the allegations levelled against him.

“My lord, it is very true that she provided the capital used in the running of the business, but it is now a jointly owned venture.

“I have also been providing both the technical support and direction.

“I am not denying the fact that she possesses most of the inputs, but my impact cannot be wished away.

“Please, my lord, I still love Labake. Help me save the union,” Seun had urged the court. (NAN)

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