Breaking: Suspected Patient Of COVID-19 Case Escapes From Hospital In Ughelli

A suspected covid-19 patient has absconded from Ughelli Central Hospital an official of the hospital confirm to newsmen on Friday.

Speaking to newsmen at Ughelli Central Hospital, a Medical Practitioner who spoke anonymous condition said, “As at yesterday in Ughelli, there was a case, that came, a suspected Case, and we don’t know what happened because the patient before we went there to review as we were called, the male patient has absconded probably he do not want to be isolated.

But right now we have gotten his name, contact and address. He did not take card before he absconded probably he was hearing people discussing about the symptoms of COVID-19.


The necessary authorities have been informed and they are currently doing the needful to trace the suspect. The hospital source said.

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