Boro Day: IPDI Urges Ijaw Youths To Follow Boro Foot Steps, Avoid Betraying The Niger Delta Stuggle He Died For

The Ijaw People’s Development initiative, IPDI, has urged Ijaw youths to follow the foot steps of late Major Isaac Adaka Boro and avoid betraying the Niger Delta struggle Boro fought and died for

While describing late Major Boro as the first president of Niger Delta republic declared in 1966, the national president of the group, Comrade Ozobo Austin said Ijaw youths have derailed from the principle in which Niger Delta republic was declared by Boro for the minority tribes in N/Delta region.

He said people in the region should drop personal agenda and returned back to the trend of actualizing Niger Delta republic.

He said “it is painful that a lot of agitators in the region have lost focus, and faith in the actualization of Niger Delta republic”

While describing Niger Delta Amnesty programme as carrot and cosmetic palliatives, he adminished Niger Delta youths and ex_agitators not to get drunk with it.

He asserted “we didn’t exchange our destiny with the amnesty programme, the government should know that” The activist further said “the deceptive amnesty programme can never take the place our genuine demands” Niger Delta demands for restructuring and true federalism should be meant without further delay, a stitch in time, saves nine”

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