We’ll Resist Any Attempt To Ridicule UPU, Urhobo Nation-Ebireri

…Appeals for calm, canvasses technological revolution among Urhobo Youths


By Omoghene Benedict, 


The Ukoko R’Ighele R’Urhobo, under the aegis of Urhobo Progress Union (UPU) Worldwide, has vowed to resist any attempt to undermine and ridicules  UPU and the Urhobo Ethnic Nationality by any individual, or interest group.

In a statement signed by its President, Comrade Ovie Ebireri, the apex body of Urhobo Youths worldwide, while also calling for calm among Urhobo youths in the face of recent developments in Urhoboland, and the country at large, warned that “Urhobo youths will not sit by and watch anyone take UPU and Urhobo Nation for granted.

“We will resist any attempt to undermine the sovereignty and integrity of UPU, Urhobo leaders and our beloved ancestral heritage by anybody; no matter how highly placed. We shall defend Urhobo sovereignty and unity, as well as the supremacy, sanctity, integrity and authority of UPU as the apex socio-cultural and traditional institution of the Urhobo Nation.”

      Urhobo Progress Union, UPU

Reacting to what he termed “the recent failed attempt by some misguided and overzealous persons to ridicule the Urhobo Nation by inaugurating a phantom youth body in a beer parlour,” Ovie Ebireri appealed for calm.

According to him, “We are aware that the UPU Leadership under our father and leader, Olorogun (Dr.) Moses Oghenerume Taiga, JP is on top of the situation. Our fathers, UPU, have asked us to remain calm and exercise total restraint, while all the issues are resolved. Our reverered Royal fathers, respected traditional, religious and political leaders in Urhobo nation, and the State Government have also reached out to us to maintain calm and be peaceful. We have resolved to listen to all of them and do their bidding, and we equally urge Urhobo youths worldwide to remain calm and law-abiding in the face of this irritating action and provocation by few disgruntled personalities.

“However, our resolve to be obedient youths, peace-loving, and law-abiding should not be interpreted to mean timidity or cowardice. We are up to the task and prepared to preserve, protect and defend the sovereignty of Urhobo Nation and authority of our legendary and priceless UPU. We should not be taken for granted.”

‘We urge Urhobo sons and daughters, especially our youths, to refrain from making derogatory and belittling remarks about our ancestral heritage and Ethnic nation on the Social Media, especially Facebook.

:No ethnic nationality on Earth has perfect or infallible leadership. Criticisms and posts that putdown the Urhobo Nation and her leaders, not only exposes our bellies to attacks from predatory and hostile outsiders, but have very negative impact on Urhobo, and make us laughing stock and unserious in the comity of ethnic nationalities in Nigeria and beyond.

“If a wise child perceives that an error, shortcoming and wrong has been committed by a parent, such a child will always tell, report, discuss with his/her parent(s) indoor, in-house, and/or within the confines of the family. No wise child will invite an outsider, or outsiders, with no genuine and positive role to play in resolving the issue at hand to be part of deliberations.”

Speaking further, Ebireri noted that “There are proper channels of communication in Urhoboland, from the village level to the Kingdom level for reporting grievances or putting forward suggestions to UPU and Urhobo leadership. The UPU National Secretariat at 18, Okere Road, Warri and Urhobo Cultural Centre, Uvwiamuge-Agbarho are functional and open to every well-meaning Urhobo person to drop, report or discuss any grievance, suggestion, criticism or intellectual contribution.

The Ukoko r’Ighele R’Urhobo is, hereby, assuring that any report, grievance, criticism or issue concerning Urhobo and the youths brought to the notice of the UPU Leadership via the two aforementioned Urhobo Houses will be adequately treated, and everyone will leave satisfied.”

Ebireri clarified that “It is important to emphasize that notwithstanding the activities of a few distractions and activities of filthy columnists, UPU is doing its best to make Urhobo Nation greater, even with the limited financial, and material resources available to it and do not deserve all the put downs.

Let us encourage them positively and constructively with love to do more.”
Using the medium to call for the support and cooperation of all Urhobo youths and pan-Urhobo youth bodies, Comrade Ebireri promised that “in spite of all the selfish distractions, Ukoko r’Ighele r’Urhobo under my leadership shall be a bold and fearless voice for Urhobo Youths worldwide. Ours shall be a result-oriented body.

“We are in the Age of Ideas; Ideas now rule the world. Immense wealth are now created from positive creative imagination. Techies are now billionaires. Example of these are the Mark Zuckerbergs, Evan Spiegels, Dustin Moskovitzs, Kylie Jenners, Igho Sanomis, Jason Njokus (iROKOtv), Tayo Oviosus, among others.

“While we would certainly discourage and frown at negative use of creativity to engage in criminality and fraudulent wealth-seeking ventures, as a body, we shall work towards programmes aimed at harnessing positively the creative minds and technological prowess of Urhobo youths in order to showcase the Zuckerbergs and Bill Gates, among us. Who says Urhobo cannot produce another Legendary Olorogun Michael Ibru, who became a global name and billionaire well before he reached the age of 40? We call on all Urhobo youths to positively and constructively task their creativity and ingenuity into creating genuine wealth for the youths in Urhobo Nation, other Nigerians and across the Earth.

“We shall come out with programmes that will trigger a positive technological revolution among Urhobo Youths. We also use this avenue to call on all patriotic and progressive Urhobo young adults and pan-Urhobo youth associations to work with Ukoko r’Ighele r’Urhobo as we reposition our youths body to the envy of other ethnic nationalities.

“Your support, in terms of mental, intellectual, human and material resources are most welcome. Together, we shall take Urhobo youths to greater socio-political and economic heights. “We will be a listening body, and shall not disappoint Urhobo Nation, especially Urhobo youths,” Ovie Ebireri declared.

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