The Story Behind Rt. Hon Friday Osanebi New Name, Mr. Ndokwa


By Presley Idi


Story story, story, once upon a time, time time, there was a man, man man, sitting on a chair, chair chair, sorry guys i digress but truly today i want to tell us a brief story, so wherever you are please grab a chair and pay attention for the next 2 minutes.

Ndokwa Nation, an ethnic nationality that prides itself as the second largest in delta, behind only the Urhobo’s of delta central, strong and mighty internally but before others it trembles!

Over the years, from one decade to the next, from the East along the Niger to the West all the way down to Ukwuani by the Ethiope, many industrious sons and daughters has risen from the soil, but like a toothless bulldog, they were always loud in mouth but totally weak in action, making me wonder if the character of Tyrion Lanister (Game of Thrones) was scripted with their attitude in mind!

From one generation to the next, our neighbours who due to our size, economic contributions and high level intelligence are supposed to tremble when we speak, perceived our weakness, especially our lack of unity and decided to catch in, oh yes what do you expect, surely when a community has no warrior they become easy prey for all to feast on, sadly that became our fate, so worse that even in the north of delta that we were supposed to be the UNDISPUTED GIANT, we were DWARFED and RELEGATED too, but things began to change from 2007, a new sheriff was in town, ENTER FRIDAY OSANEBI!

Rt. Hon. Friday Ossai Osanebi, the current member representing Ndokwa East at the delta state house of assembly and immediate past deputy speaker, burst into the scene after he was elected the very first president of Ndokwa Youths, a young man of impeccable character, he emerged from the shadows, putting an end to the old order and setting our people on a new path, the pathway to reclaiming our lost glory!

Like John Snow, the King of the North, when Osanebi first emerged, no one gave him a chance, he was young, what does he know they thought, but when a warrior believes in himself, even a goliath will look like Aki and Pawpaw!

Osanebi, knowing very well the future of the Ndokwa people lies on his young shoulder kept pushing, even when he was pushed aside, he didn’t step aside, the battle was tough but the toughness in him overcome, he organized our youths and led from the front, he became our pathfinder, the symbol of our collective struggle, his victory was a no brainer when he delved into politics, despite gang up, he won easily but the victory belonged to him not, it was for the people, a new dawn has been ushered in!

Like an Australia wildfire, tales of his legend spread even further, from the Niger to the Ethiope, everyone wanted to be a part of this epic story, the fanfare that greeted his victory in 2011 served as an indicator for what was to come, it was early days but for once tales of Ndokwa Nation were being told far away in London, the tales were not just being told, everyone was paying rapt attention!

The name Friday Ossai Osanebi became one of the frequently searched name on Google, everyone wanted to know more about this young man that has torn the form books to shred, this young man that has renewed the hope of the common man, this young man that has become a rallying point and a unifier for his people, everyone wanted to know about this young man that is now being called MR NDOKWA!

Everywhere Osanebi visited, the love from the people was pure and this left the old guards with a gaping mouth, for never in the history of Ndokwa Nation has a figure been this popular and loved genuinely, and in rewarding the peoples love for him, everything Osanebi does cuts across the entire breadth of Ndokwa Nation, he is from the East but he has the West and Ukwuani running deep in his blood!

With his rise, Ndokwa Nation now had a voice but as with John Snow, not everyone was happy with Osanebi emerging as the new LEADER and WARRIOR of our people, sadly their unhappiness is driven solely by envy, greed and jealousy, where were they when we had no path to walk let alone one that will lead to the future, Friday Ossai Osanebi has not only cleared the path for our people, he is leading through and at end of it, the PROMISED LAND OF MILK AND HONEY AWAITS!

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