Tension In Udu As Oghior Community Drags Monarch For Tagging Them Strangers, Demands Apology

Following the alleged classification of the people of Oghior as strangers by the Ovie of Udu Kingdom, Udu Local Government Area of Delta State. the Oghior Development Movement, ODM has perfected plans to drag the Ovie of Udu Kingdom to court, demanding apology from the monarch
Acoording to a statement made signed by Evang. Robinson Onojighofia, National Vice President and Comrade Markson Koyaya, National Secretary of the Oghior Development Movement confirmed the intentions of several families in Oghior to file their respective cases in court against the Monarch us soon as the courts are open for business.
According to the group. the actions and utterances credited to the Udu Monarch amounted to racism of the highest order, maintaining that except the Monarch apologize to the people of Oghior for the assault on them, the community will have no option but to apply for a separate kingdom shortly.
The group added that many families in Oghior including families from the Fifia quarters, Edjame quarters, Ugen quarters and others have hired lawyers to file separate cases in court to determine their true status and who indigenes and strangers are in Udu, adding that the Ovie, who is harassing others with a superiority complex may have to be stripped naked with facts they know about him and history of Udu as they affect his own Aladja village which would be brought to public scrutiny in court.
“We of the Oghior Development Movement are not taking the declaration by the Ovie of Udu Kingdom lightly. To drive home our protest, we hereby call on all Oghior sons and daughters who took chieftaincy titles from the said Ovie of Udu Kingdom, whom we now classify ase of Aladja to renounce those titles and dump them at his feet. We shall prove to the monarch that Oghior are true sons of Udu and have never laid claim to any other ancestry than mother Udu.
“The people of Aladja S Community had better called their son to order to otherwise, when the war starts, nobody should say we are insulting their big man. We are in possession of hard core facts capable changing the narratives.
We have been calm in the interest of one Udu but the music the monarch is dancing to can only provoke reactions capable of breaching the peace and making mockery of our shared heritages.
“We are worried that sensible Udu leaders are silent in the midst of the provocative utterances from the monarch. We shall meet in Court to determine the true Udu history. Nobody can shave our heads in our absence for we too, have the capacity to tell our own story and write what we know about ourselves and the rest of Udu.
Facts shall recognize him as their king meet facts in court and the weightier one will carry the day. The only thing that will stop our impending actions is a public apology from the monarch. We are no strangers and whoever thinks otherwise will have the community to contend with.
“For the monarch to refer to Oghior and some Communities in Udu LGA as strangers. Udu is no longer one, (No Udu Ovo). These are the kind of actions he took that prolonged the crisis “We of the Oghior between Aladja and Ogbe -Ijaw later Esaba, Barr Delekpe should go and restore the two Udu Communities of Ayama and Epame from our neighbours before calling other people strangers in their own land
“The Government of Delta State should hold the ‘Ovie of Aladja’ responsible if any crisis breaks out in Udu. Since Udu is no longer one, we cannot refer to him as Ovie of Udu but Ovie of Aladja Oghior Community and Aladja are not sharing boundaries, we wonder how the Aladja king’s father has land in Oghior Community that he now want to annex. Oghior is waiting for him to come and implement the rubbish he declared without recourse to the recommendations of the panel he set up.
“We make bold to say that a stranger cannot prostrate to another stranger. If by virtue of migration he now classifies Oghior as strangers, then, he and Aladja community who are products of migration are also strangers because. even Mama Udu migrated. from Benin as all historical accounts have confirmed.
Therefore, it is only indigenes of his Aladja village who should and can bow to him. Like our brother, Chief Hon Wisdom Ghaghara remarked recently, we cannot be provoked by Barr. E.B.O Delekpe to go war Ukpiovwin brothers.
Whatever land dispute we have with Ukpiovwin, true sons and daughters know the truth, and in time, the truth shall prevail. The monarch had better apologize now or else, the dance shall be and rough in the weird coming weeks, months and years. declared. “the group declared.
Source: The Urhobo Voice Newspaper

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