People’s Progressive Parliament visits Amos Itihwe

By Gradeone Henry

People’s Progressive Parliament (PPP) visited the commissioner representing Ughelli South, Udu and Warri South in the board of DESOPADEC, Sir (Chief) Dr., Amos Itihwe weekend in Otovwodo, Ughelli, Delta State.

The group who met the commissioner in support of his aspiration to represent Ughelli North, Ughelli South and Udu constituency in the Federal House of Representative in 2019.

PPP is a not a political party but a political pressure group whose aim is to work with politicians/individuals with track records and done tremendously well in the past.

According to the group president, comr. Matthew Onorhere “ after taking time to study your records and performance as former PDP Chairman of Ughelli South and your current position as commissioner, we have come to the conclusion that you are the best candidate to represent us in the Federal House of Representative come 2019”.

He also added that “ the current leader representing Ughelli North, Ughelli South and Udu constituency has misrepresent us as not even a bill has been passed or sponsored in favour of the constituency by him’.

The commissioner who thanked the group for their timely visitation and support said “I am not going to contest against anybody hence will never castigate anyone”.

He said “for over 30 years those representing the constituency had been playing a second fiddle which had made the constituency lost its voice overtime.

Those that had gone there represent only represent their personal interest and if given the opportunity as a seasoned administrator, I will put the people first as you do not put the people first, you will not succeed.

If for the past 24 years those that had represented the constituency done one project each, the constituency would have gotten enough federal presence”.

The commissioner who noted that the underdevelopment of the area is caused by the electorate as a result of the money politics that has devalue the right to proper representation.

He stressed the need to enlighten the electorate against money politics as it has resulted to more poverty over the years and will never help them.

He promised that if given the mandate there is going to be a communication department that will ensure the electorates are properly informed on what is happening at the federal level to keep them abreast and enable the access his office through the three local government liason offices to be able him to reach the people for proper representation.

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