By Zik Gbemre


Insecurity in Nigeria has gone beyond the control of insensitive President Mohammadu Buhari. A situation where the Guards Brigade of the President is killed by hoodlums/terrorists is a cause for alarm. It is a show of force, by the bandits, that nobody is protected from them.

The Guards Brigade are special troops of soldiers responsible for protecting the President of Nigeria and the Federal Capital of Abuja, his seat of government. When those responsible to guard the president are not safe then it calls for worries.

If those responsible to guard the president are attacked and killed, it means every public official is not safe.

The National Assembly premises/members and their residential places can be attacked by these terrorists/hoodlums. It is shameful, that no one is ever held responsible for all the crimes. No one is held responsible for providing the terrorists/hoodlums with the sophisticated weapons they engage in the attacks.

The entire country is unsafe and all we hear after any attack is Buhari and the National Assembly competing in condemnation and condolence speeches and holding pretentious security meetings.

Buhari has refused to retire the Chief of Army Staff, Chief of Air Staff, and Commanding Officers of GOCs across all army units. Why is Buhari not retiring these non-performing Army/Air Force Chiefs and commanding officers of all military brigades/commands/bases to appoint officers from Southern Nigeria?

All this while, the army chiefs appointed are Northerners and they seem to be colluding with the hoodlums/terrorist killers. Since clannish Buhari is always appointing people of his tribe, a lot of people have no confidence in his sincerity in the war against hoodlums/terrorist killers.

The only higher military appointments he considers for the military officers from the South are probably Chief of Naval Staff and Chief of Defence Staff. The Chief of Defence Staff office is a ceremonial office with no executive roles. The Chief of Army Staff and other Chiefs of the Military don’t report to the Chief of Defence Staff.

The Chief of Defence Staff doesn’t have control over the military since they are under the firm control of the Chief of Army Staff, Chief of Air Staff and Chief of Naval Staff. Buhari is deliberately unwilling to tackle the insecurity and his body language is very clear.

When the President came into power he opened access to all his Fulani people from other countries of Africa to flood Nigeria with the pretence that there is a need for collaboration with all African countries.

With all the killings, National Assembly has not taken any action to compel Buhari to sack all these non-performing military chiefs and replace them with military officers from Southern Nigeria since the top military officers from the North are failing.

Buhari has no solution to end insecurity in Nigeria, and the National Assembly members are not serious. They know what to do but refuse to take action. They don’t need to raise their voices in the media. Action speaks louder than voice. Nigerians are tired of the gimmicks of the National Assembly and Buhari regarding insecurity.

Up till this moment, the National Assembly and Buhari have refused to brand Boko Haram/Bandits as terrorists all because they are from Northern Nigeria. All the while, Northern politicians can’t visit their hometowns. They hide in Abuja which has now also become unsafe.

Now that Abuja is boiling with attacks and killings, will the politicians flee the country and rule/ legislate from overseas? Buhari has deliberately appointed military officers that will collaborate with terrorists/hoodlums, killing innocent Nigerians. His administration is a complete failure in all sectors.

Rumours are going around that what happened in Afghanistan may happen in Nigeria when the Taliban terrorists took over the Central Government of Afghanistan.

The reshuffling of army officers in the military is not what Nigerians want to hear. They demand the sack of all military chiefs/heads and their GOCs/commanding officers of all military commands/bases/cantonments.

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