Nestlé Nigeria launches new “Maggi” cube

In its continued effort to ensure good nutrition for Nigerians, Nestlé Nigeria Plc on Tuesday launched a new food seasoning cube, the “MAGGI NAIJA POT”, to amplify the authentic Nigerian essence of food.

It also announced its Maggi Simply Good with four commitments at the product launch in Sagamu in Ogun State.

Mr Mauricio Alarcon, the company’s Chief Executive Officer said at the launch, “We dedicate ourselves to deeply understand the needs and preferences of our consumers, and then we tailor our products to suit local tastes and food cultures.”

He said that Maggi Naija Pot was a new seasoning cube developed in Nigeria based on the strong understanding of local cuisine.

“It aims at amplifying the authentic Nigerian essence of food.

“Naija Pot is the only seasoning cube in Nigeria full of fish flavour with the unique combination of natural smoked fish, stockfish and crayfish to give soups and pottages that bottom-pot taste that Nigerians love.

“Moreover, Naija Pot will help to save time, money and effort since Naija Pot combines selected locally known ingredients in one small cube.

“The consumer can now create local authentic dishes in a simpler way, thanks to Naija Pot’s smoky-fishy-bottom-pot taste. It is also a source of iodine for higher nutritional value.

The Category Manager, Culinary, Nestlé Nigeria, Mr Nordine Meguini, also said Maggi Naija Pot which came in a modern new packaging is the only seasoning cube in Nigeria full of natural fish flavour with the unique combination of natural smoked fish, stockfish and crayfish.

He noted that it was made to give soups and pottages that bottom pot taste that Nigerians love.

“Naija Pot is a product developed by Nigerian chefs, produced in Nigeria with locally known ingredients to enhance the tastes of local cuisine.”

MAGGI has continued to be the culinary partner of women in Nigeria for over 50 years and will continue to support home cooking with products made with local ingredients that individuals and families know and love.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that Nestle’s Maggi Simply Good has four commitments that are levers to help achieve the company’s purpose of enhancing quality of life and contributing to a healthier future.

They are focused on improving the product’s nutritional profile by reducing salt and increasing micronutrient fortification, growing the economy by sourcing raw materials locally and simplifying the ingredients lists by using locally recognised ingredients.

These commitments respond to the preference of today’s consumers for products with more familiar and common ingredients, natural or organic, with minimal processing.

According to a statement by the company’s Corporate Communications and Public Affairs Manager, Ndee Uwadoka, Nestle’s Maggi Simply Good is committed to improve the nutritional profile of its products, especially work on salt and sodium reduction in addition to the fortification of our product in iron.

Uwadoka said the company would continue to deliver in Nigeria billion of servings of fortified Maggi bouillons to help reduce the risk of under-nutrition and contribute to address micronutrient deficiencies.

“We are committed to creating more value for the society and the community by increasing local sourcing.

“We are also committed to raising awareness about healthy lifestyles and healthy cooking: Maggi will continue to promote healthy lifestyles, healthy cooking by reaching millions of women directly.

“In 2017, through the MAGGI caravan we have reached directly 1.3 million of women across Nigeria to sensitise them about nutrition.

“Our commitment to use more familiar and common ingredients is exceptional. Our Maggi bouillons are tailored to suit local tastes and food cultures.

“Today we believe we have the best products because we mainly use ingredients that consumers know and love,” Uwadoka said. (NAN)

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