How Oshimili South PDP Delegates Resisted Former PDP Chair, Uzor, Alleged Oath-Taking Ritual

Delegates of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Oshimili South Local Government Area, have resisted an alleged  attempt by Chief Edwin Uzor, former State Chairman of the party, to force them into swearing to an oath.

It is exclusively gathered that on the evening of Saturday, May 21, Chief Edwin Uzor invited the delegates to his house, where he allegedly talked them into taking an oath as a means of getting their loyalties into voting a particular candidate in the forthcoming Governorship primary.

According to an insider, Chief Uzor informed them that the oath taking is a directive from above to PDP Leaders in all the Local Government Areas of Delta North to do so with all their delegates.

However, this did not go down well with the delegates, with some protesting that it was against their religious faith. Some others wondered why the alleged source of the order, who publicly professes to be ‘godly’ and a ‘true christian,’ would resort to such ‘satanic’ means to get his way in the governorship primary election.

Unable to bear with Chief Uzor’s incessant threats to them to take the oath, the spokesman of the delegates (name withheld) shut him down, insisting that the delegates will not partake in the ceremony.

This was said to have infuriated Chief Uzor, and he, alongside one Mr. Izuka Okolo, Smart Meka, Darlington and Dada Okonji, who were also present, made to seize the phones of the delegates, a move that was equally resisted by most of the delegates.

The threat by the spokesman of the delegates to hold a press conference where he would expose the entire episode made Edwin Uzor to softpedal on his planned action.

The delegates were later sweet-talked and taken to different hotels in the local government area. It is not clear what transpired after the episode at Edwin Uzor’s residence.

However, a top government source confirmed that indeed there was a secret order from Government to PDP Leaders in the Local Government Areas of the Senatorial District to take their delegates through an oath of allegiance. The source also confirmed that the leaders were also ordered to take control of the mobile phones of their delegates so as to cut them off communication with the camps of other governorship aspirants.

A bizzaire aspect of the oath taking ritual, according to a reliable source, is that a native doctor would be the one to administer the oath, with the oath taker stripped bare, and standing on an empty coffin.

The source revealed that the initiators of this fetish and deadly act, are determined and hell-bent on ensuring that their *’anointed Governorship aspirant,* who had great hurdles to scale during the recent screening exercise, and now a hard sell, gets the ticket at all cost, and are ready to do anything, to achieve their evil plan.

It is reliably gathered from various sources that “this unholy and demonic practice” has created palpable fear in the minds of most delegates in the State, particularly those of the northern part of the State, where the masterminds want to score one hundred percent in the primary election, given the fact that their candidate is quite unpopular in other parts of the State.

It cannot be confirmed how many of the Local Government leaders have successfully executed this order, at press time. It is however believed that given the resistance put up by the delegates in Uzor’s house, the wicked act would likely achieve little or no success.

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