God’s desire is for Christians to multiply in every aspect of life- Atawa Akpodiete

By Omamuzo Efidhere,

The general overseer of Great Commission Today Ministries, Rev. Prof. Alex O. Atawa Akpodiete has stated the fact that, God’s desire is for Christians to multiply in every aspect of life – financially, educationally and spiritually.

Quoting Lev. 26:9 as the main text, ‘” For I will look on you favorably and make you fruitful, multiply you and confirm My covenant with you.” He made this assertion recently while ministering on the topic, Kingdom Multiplication Principles at Palace of Priests Assembly, Abuja. The cleric also charged Christians on the need to change their perspective about kingdom multiplication because although God has promised multiplication and fruitfulness, God hates indolence and Procrastination.

Continuing, He said Kingdom multiplication requires investing and sowing. You cannot eat everything you make, Plowing-Physical work, Perception(physical), Proper Perspective: Seeing beyond the ordinary (Spiritual), Pecuniary outlook, Prayer and fasting, Divine Positioning, Perseverance (patience, longsuffering), People. Surround yourself with the right People, avoid the wrong People, Purity. Righteousness, sanctification, integrity and honesty.

Earlier while ministering on the topic, authority of the believer at Palace of Priests Assembly, Lagos Rev. Prof. Alex O. Atawa Akpodiete said that God created man and delegated His authority to man. “We are created in Christ Jesus, in his image and righteousness and we have the whole right to his name and complete authority. Jesus gained authority over Satan’s kingdom and he is exercising that authority through the believer today.”

During the one-hour midweek special service, Akpodiete answered salient questions on If believers have been given authority, then when, how, and toward what should it be exercised? If believers have authority, why don’t they exercise it? What are the hinderances to exercising authority? Levels of faith?

He concluded by saying “what you think in your heart is the way you will be Proverbs 23.7, your thoughts become what you say and do, with your actions being the greatest expression of your authority.” He advised Christians to discover the powerful truths behind true spiritual authority, to enable them to begin seeing real results.

On his part, pastor Joe Igbuzor, the resident pastor of Palace of Priests Assembly, Lagos, said that “As a priest/believer we should be able to know exactly what our authority in Christ is, because understanding your authority in Christ sets you free from a lot of bondage, gives you authority over satanic manipulations and demonic influence.”

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