Dr Akpile Calls For More Complimentary And Alternative Medicine To Health

Proprietor of Havilah Holistic Medicine, Professor Joseph Akpile has called on Africans to utilize opportunities in Complementary and Alternative Medicine in order to improve on their overall health.

Professor Akpile made this known at the 2023 Annual World Congress of Alternative Medicine held at Colombo Sri-lanka, South Asia Continent recently.
The annual world Congress of Alternative Medicine 2023, which attracted countries across the globe with experts brainstorming on the achievements and ways to improve on complementary and alternative medicine practice.
Professor Joseph Akpile  and his team who represented Nigeria at the global congress made their contributions and exchange ideas during the Conference.
According to him, “Our institution saw the need to be part of the world Congress of alternative medicine holding at Colombus Sri-lanka, because of the huge benefits involved.
“We are urging participants to carve a niche for themselves by taking seriously all they were taught during the world Congress insisted that through the practice of complementary and alternative medicine millions of lives have been saved.
Certificates from Havilah Holistic Medicine Academy is certified by the Medicinal Alternativa in collaboration with the Open international university and is recognised by over one hundred and twenty countries in the world.”
Aim of the world conference of alternative medicine is to expose participants to the successes of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, practice was harped upon as kudos was also given to all who in one way or the other made alternative medicine thrive across the globe.
Resource persons during the 2023 conference deepened the training as they used detailed life experiences in tasking participants to take interest in various course of studies like degrees in naturopathy and acupuncture.
America, Canada,China, India and a host of others played active roles during the November World Conference.
The World Conference of Alternative Medicine climaxed with exhibition, Scientific paper presentations and other side attractions.

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