Blame Gov Okowa For Rise In cultism In Basic/Secondary Schools-Adaighofua

By Editor 
A youth leader in Delta State, Comr. Ovie Adarighofua has said that the Delta State Government under Senator Ifeanyi Okowa should be held responsible for the rising cases of cultism and unrest in Basic and secondary schools in the state.
Comr. Adarighofua who is the current Secretary of Urhobo Youth Council (UYC) Worldwide, maintained that the failure of governor Okowa to build on existing structures such as the Edu Marshal which was responsible for checkmating such tendencies has paved the way for its growth in the schools.
Reacting to a recent fracas between students of Oharisi Secondary School and Ughelli Mixed School, he said, “is actually a shame that the current governor couldn’t keep up with the trend set by the former governor. The Edu Marshal was a programme that really helped curb alot of these activities. The Edu Marshal was a programme that targets the youths, ensuring that they are where they should be at the right time.
“But now you see schools whereby the classes are empty, the students are loitering around during school hours and nobody cares. You see some of them in dark corners doing unimaginable things. This is the fall out of a governor that has failed and is still failing his people.
“Is very saddening the rate at which these children are joining cult this days and misbehaving. Although the teachers and principals have a major role to play, they must be a good role model to the students. They should ensure basic discipline and monitor the students closely especially the once that are misbehaving.
“As a youth leader we are planning, that is UYC, is planning to carry out a campaign to educate these youths, to tell them to shun cultism and other devices. Our targets, that is our catchment area will be within Urhobo land.”

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