Uvietjitobor , Don’t muscle the Victory of Udu State Constituency; Let Justice be done- Prince Dugbo

UDU Constituency is in the state of Anarchy , suppression and rape of democracy , It is no longer news that the just concluded Nation wide election was marred with brazen irregularities in most part of the country, especially the hijack and rape of victory of Udu State Constituency in Delta State.

Udu people’s rage was recently provoked by the Delta State House Of Assembly election on a gross human rights violations and PDP sponsored terror. They allege that the PDP UDU DTHA candidate denied indigenes and resident of Udu their rights by conniving with Independent Electoral Commission (INEC) , to massively rigged and the disturbs the electoral process during the Delta State House of Assembly election.

The people of Udu over the years are known to be resilient and steadfast in what their aspirations speaks about politically without wavery. Hence, it is sad and highly acrimonious that despite the prices paid by renowned heroes of democracy who ensued that the country’s political phase is not wrestled with impunity, some persons with brazen display of non conformity have chosen to throw that to the dogs.

So much has been written about the PDP UDU DTHA candidate’s rape of our democracy since his assault on electoral process and the people of UDU Constituency. UDU people noted that what happened during the last election did not only sound piteous and funny but regrettably acted upon by the directives from Above as seen by the display of INEC, playing the major roles they were called to act. What happen on that day was a rape of UDU people constitutional rights and a desecration of our democratic process .

He has proved himself darkly exuberant, hateful, narcissistic and totally obsessed with power for its own sake which resulted to shortchanged the Social Democratic Party, SDP as the major and acute victim, a party that it’s thousands of supporters unanimously adopted and thronged out enmass to vote for their Son, Hon. Prince Sylvester Ogba Dugbo as their candidate to represent them at the Delta State House of Assembly.

Social Democratic Party, SDP, Aside being the outstanding popular local party of the people in Udu Local Government, was muscled out of the exercise which resulted to its votes, especially that of House of Assembly not being counted and shortchanged with viable evidences of rigging and intimidation by the People’s Democratic Party Candidate along side his political thugs and hired machineries that invaded the community to cause mayhem and disrupt the entire electoral process.

After the infamous election which pronounced Hon. Chief Peter Oviejitobor as the winner of the House Of Assembly Election from Udu Local Government Constituency, the Social Democratic Party SDP, has been law abiding without causing any environmental upheaval other than seek redress through legal means which is the court.

It may therefore interest Deltans to note, especially the good people of Udu State And Local Constituency, that Hon. Chief Peter Oviejitobor has been bragging and telling whoever cares to listen that the judicial arm of the State is under the payroll of the Delta State Government and as such, no matter where and how the court decides to take the case that it will surely favour his course because the Delta State Government is on his side.

Without mincing words, it is natural to note that any case in court is subject out of discussion until proven otherwise by a competent court of law with jurisdictional coverage on the matter. But with what Hon. Chief Peter Oviejitobor is presently exhibiting, we are afraid to say that from all indication according to his audacity and incessant bragging, the judiciary arm ia about to be muscled and likely to be purchased, that, we don’t want to agree.

Renowned great apostles of law like my late father, Chief Hon, Justice T.K Dugbo of blessed memory has given great confidence in our legal system. Him alongside some notable legal counsels gave credence to our legal template, hence, the judiciary which is the last hope of the common man is still upheld as we will not be carried away from the matter on ground because , we are confident, the judiciary shall serve justice in their temple of equity by ensuring sincerity and truth is upheld to the latter.

We won’t be deterred but to hinge our hope on the righteousness of the judiciary whose robe of equity remain untainted and unstained.

We are also using this medium to alert the Governor who has done tremendously well in the development of Delta State to disassociate himself from the ongoing link as his revered image is being used by Hon. Chief Peter Oviejitobor to curry favour and to intimidate the people of Udu kingdom even when the said case in court is yet to be decided upon.

While looking forward to an unbiased proceedings of the court, we call on our supporters to stand firm as our evidences in court shall speak and deliver justice to our hard earned victory.

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