World Bank Embarks On Recruitment In Bayelsa

By Elizabeth Vincent
World  Bank  has embarked on recruitment in its bid to reduce youths restiveness in Bayelsa state and the society at large to educate and impact  ideas that would engaged the youth in a better direction.
The Bayelsa state government in collaboration with the world Bank , Nigeria Covid-19, action recovery and economic stimulus care programme.
The commissioner for women and children affair and social development while addressing newsmen said the program is very important to Bayelsa state government and it’s citizens.
“The exercise is to collect data from those that will be successful in the exams,that is why she urge the participants to concentrate in what ever they are being taught.
“His Excellency senator Douye DIRI want to empower the youth, so they should think of the kind of business they want to establish in 2021, and which they must have passion for.
“Even if those that will not pass the exam  will be empower by the the state government if you want to learn a skill or to do business but ensure to have passion for your work.”
Also speaking was the permanent secretary for ministry of Trade and Investment, Patients Abah  disclosed that the ministry is charged with the economy of the state and the program is meant for two hundred and fifty person but now due to unemployment over five hundred and something person’s applied.
She further disclose that they will be screen accessed and writing exams only the best quality and effective people will be selected and there are other several steps to demonstrate.
The training is way of enlightening participants to on how to go about database collection of the beneficiary.
Goodness Adewale said the money is a grant and doesn’t need to pay back, that’s why agent training cut across the eight local government.
The program knowledge training program is to learn how to use mobile device, and it depends the money world Bank locate to Bayelsa and that is when they will know amount of money to disburse and is only verified person’s will work with them.

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